Hp elitebook 840 g5 bios password

Hello so i have this machine with bios password i tried to read buckup from the eeprom with ch341a the progrmer not detect the eeprom can help me for read werite this chip plz

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Im ask if the programer ch341a suported this type eeprom or not

You don’t have experience on this so you don’t know what to ask… easy to see.

The issue is not the device itself, the CH341A programmer. This device works with many apps around for flash/reading, these apps have their own database with supported devices…now did you provided any info on the software you’re using or do you expect users on the forum to turn into guessing wizards???
A bad/steady connection to the IC itself also can lead to undetected chip…
But this you can learn and not bothering users with small details, if follow the guides and other links on the search results linked i posted…understood?
Good luck, over_n_out.

Im sorry but i need help so if you can help me plzzz i dont know what i do can you help plzz ??

Oh im sorry… seems that you also don’t understand English language… does your brain have enough “juice” to look and use a web translator, even 'untrained" brains can get a lot of surprises today, enrich yourself sir…


Yes, we are but my task here and the content of my answers is to show that a task done by professionals and acquired experience can’t be thought in a forum to a user that never has a similar approach on this area.
Besides all the “easy” that users see on the web, on real life its not as shown.

And without learning/training and reading a bit, it’s not with a few remote answers on a forum that a noob suddenly is a pro., even worsts expecting to get success on a first try out…

And this finishes my statements here and now.
Don’t beg, don’t cry, no laziness, don’t be offended and start reading and learning.
You can and should wait for any other users possible contribution, to this “classroom” of yours.

I’m not judging anyone here. GO READ AND LEARN DAMM IT… LIKE I DID
This is unbelievable… joined 5hours ago, come here asking about a new task never done before and we are the “negative” on our advice is to learn and read.

sir sure i dont have exp in this domaine thats why im here lol
tell mee what app can i use for this chip to restore it and thanks
this is the first time i use this tool sir so ez on mee no one born know everything wee all students in this life

im trying to learn here if u dnt have the answer just dont reply easy just as i said im here to learn and im trying my best to solve my problem so don’t judge ppl u don’t know as i said sir if u can help just reply otherwise if u dnt know how to solve this problem dnt talk too much thats makes u look that u calim u know but u dont or u are trying to keep this info to urself idk what u trying to do here with all respect sir if u know help if u dont just watch and let the ppl who knows or who want to help reply

Hello evry one can you help me how to read&werite this eeprom with ch341a plzz thnx

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if you use neoprogammer software, you will find that yes it is supported via that programmer this is a common 3.3v chip.

Does the programmer need this modification that is circulating through the forums? 5v to 3.3v


Thank you bro can you giv version suporte this ship im so for your help Your answer really saved me a lot of effort and research, thank you

Ch341Programmer_v 1.38 + DRIVERS 32 y 64 bits_ByLeo037.rar (2.6 MB)
i hope this software work for you

Hello everyone, after making a backup and writing a new file from Google, the computer dead, and even after returning the backup, the situation remains the same is dead. Possible solution to the problem?

If you verify the flash, does it give any faults?
And did you desolder/solder the eeprom chip correctly?

Post / attach your backup and the file you wanted to flash.

hp_Cleared.rar (9.4 MB)

That’s one file, where’s the other?

ff.rar (9.5 MB)
Oroginale buckup

Maybe you have an earlier version of your own backup, this one has a very sparse populated NVRAM? In addition the ME region is corrupted, it doesn’t read in FIT and MEA crashes.

Since there are different configurations out there (touch / no touch, vpro / non- vpro) and your config isn’t readable simply cleaning / reinitializing the ME doesn’t work.

Either you have a better backup of your own bios or you’ll probably end up trying out the different firmwares floating around.

Good luck!