I cant wakeup my computer after it was sleep

acer laptop with 6700HQ&960M(VN7-592G)
i got your article from baidu and the guys said it could solve the problem with dead sleep in win10. i just update my FW to H,but it still cant wakeup.
do anyone know what problem is?

Run MEInfo -verbose and MEManuf -verbose tools from the ME thread to see whether the CSME firmware is operating properly.

it show MEManuf Operation Passed

need i post the content of the command box ?

Create logs of MEInfo -verbose and MEManuf -verbose (example: MEInfo -verbose > meinfo.txt), compress in one archive and then attach them.

MEInfo: http://wx4.sinaimg.cn/large/afd1a60fgy1f…j20op1w816q.jpg

MEManuf: http://wx1.sinaimg.cn/large/afd1a60fgy1f…j20hf0tx43t.jpg

The CSME is perfect. Your problem is not CSME-related.

ok,thank you very much :slight_smile: