I5-9600k and msi b150 pc mate freezing issue


I recently modded the bios on my msi b150 pc mate mobo following this guide [[GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards ] I was also able to get the latest bios version running. It is working fantastic up to a point. I noticed on higher loads the computer will freeze. it isn’t always on higher loads but that is when it is most reproducible. When it freezes the mouse locks up and whatever was on the screen stays, the audio that was playing at the time of the freeze also continues in a loop. I always run linux but I have been switching between windows and Linux(endevourOS) and using the windows error reporting and event viewer to try to find any possible logs for what is happening but there is nothing. Windows only shows kernel power error in event viewer and all the Linux logs stop right before the freeze. I have noticed significant improvement with the latest bios and managed to completely eliminate the freezing by disabling Intel turbo boost and throttling the CPU to 3.69GHz instead of the 3.7GHz it can run at without the boost. Cpu temps are also very good, hovering around 30-45 C in idle and around 50-55C in games. This is when it works of course.

also stumbled on this article and wondering if my problem has something to do with a voltage problem. [[OFFER] ASRock Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac BIOS Coffee Lake Mod]

quote from article.
[12/13/2018 UPDATE

-Patched all core sync with @svarmod 's CoffeeTime utility. Now changes to CPU ratio apply to all 6 cores on the 9600K when stress testing, nice! Download link updated with this latest BIOS.

Also, I learned that leaving voltage on Auto for the stock clocks results in freezes in Windows and BSODs because I don’t think the mobo is feeding the CPU enough power. Maybe it’s an LLC thing? Setting voltage manually ensures stability, so if you use one of these modded BIOSes, I would manually set voltage until you figure out your sweet spot, just to be safe.]

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Please attach error report from crash.

Where would you like the error report from. I couldn’t find any in windows and it seemed like the ones in var/log seem to stop right before crash and there is no sign of what caused it. If you have any suggestions for files to attach I will provide them.

Ok. Please try cooling your computer case. An ice bowl should do the trick.

Alright thank you :joy::joy: