Intel Audio HDMI in XP

On many computer forums, a separate thread is being created about the problem with connecting HDMI devices in Windows XP, especially this problem is widespread with sound. This is a really long-standing problem that has not yet been properly resolved. Some write that everything is fine with them, for others, in particular, the same sound does not work. I got a similar problem. I have no problems with video, and sound via HDMI in Windows XP does not work. When using the same HDMI cable and the same TV, a similar problem does not arise in Windows 7. Some forums write that this is a cant of XP.
Here learned that there are no Windows XP HDMI drivers for 4th generation processors.
I would like to hear the opinion of authoritative specialists of this forum.
Brief prehistory.
A lot of options have been tried:
1. Almost all driver versions - of which only one version ( from 06.12.2011) is installed in principle after devid correction, all the others give an error - code 10 - launching is impossible.
All versions of the intcdaud.sys driver for the Intel Audio for Displays device are available here
Modified driver kits (files * .sys, * .cat, * .inf) are also available here on the forum (BUT !!! only the * .inf file has been modified). Of these, only version established on my configuration. In the IntcDAud_tweak.inf file in the tweak version, the hardware Id line (DEV_2807) was originally rewritten. But the original equipment IDs (DEV_2805 and DEV_2806) remained in the file unchanged, so the driver file is not digitally signed.
2. The system was reinstalled and the drivers were installed on a clean system.
3. Other cords and TVs.
Result - the driver is installed, the Intel Audio for displays device is present in the device manager without an exclamation mark, but in fact it does not work. This is manifests itself in the fact that when an HDMI device is connected, a new device in the audio devices that should automatically appear there does not appear and, accordingly, the sound on HDMI is not transmitted. Here they write that if, when HDMI is connected, it does not appear in the list of devices through which audio output is made, then the system does not raise the flag / event that HDMI is connected. The sound is only analog using Realtek and it’s very primitive …