Intel ME downgrade

Hello everybody!
I have one question, is it possible to downgrade Intel ME firmware to without hardware programmer, on ASUS Maximus Ranger, Z170 chipset?

No, due to VCN violation

What about E1 pinmod, unlock FD, then FPT flash ME region?

I also have an ASUS motherboard with the Z170 chipset and I’m waiting for the upgrade to Intel ME Do you have any problems with that version if you want to downgrade?

@ibsajc - You cannot downgrade ME easily, which is answered above at #2. If you are considering downgrading, then don’t update, it’s not something you can easily switch back and forth unless you have a flash programmer in your hand

Thanks @Lost_N_BIOS.
I do not intend to downgrade unless the Intel ME version has problems.
I am going to upgrade to correct the vulnerabilities of INTEL-SA-00213 because the Z170 chipset motherboard is in a critical server system.

Ok, thanks. I don’t have any problem with, i’m just curious.