Intel ME Noob Question

I usually use pure drivers but do you need the full setup package for intel MEI?

Currently I have a 70mb installer for it, which I think installs 3 services along with it:

- Intel(R) TPM Provisioning Service
- Intel(R) Management and Security Application Local Management Service
- Intel(R) Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface Service

As far as I know I don’t use TPM stuff.

What are those services? Is it possible to have a minimalist Intel MEI approach just for the sake of security? Like pure drivers etc.?

Section A of the (CS)ME thread explains what you can install.

"Consumer/1.5MB systems, users of such systems should install the Drivers only (section A1)."

I ran the MEInfo tool and FW Version shows as H Consumer. I don’t see the word consumer anywhere else.

So is it secure enough to run driver-only setup?

I searched for “Intel MEI Driver v1828.12.0.1151” to download it directly from Intel but it came up with this result:…6i5SY-NUC6i7KYK which is dated to 2016 and version is Is it because newer drivers are only provided with microsoft updates?

Just let WU install the driver for W10.

Also check the firmware is latest, not sure exactly which product you have. It’s probably more important to have the ME firmware current than any driver you might download.


I don’t use WU, I update Windows offline.

Thanks for letting me know that the firmware updates are more important. Can you point me towards how I’d update my Intel ME firmware? Because it’s pretty complicated for me looking at plutomaniac’s first post.

Do you have to know my motherboard or should I post MEInfo results?

Edit: Wow, this seems way above me. I can’t even use MEAnalyzer because it wants me to select a file which I have no idea about.

When you update your BIOS can it also come with newer ME firmware?