Intel security assist?

when i install intel MEI drivers from my motherboard manufacturer i get a application called Intel Security Assist. Does anyone know how this is related to Intel MEI?? i cant find any information regarding this tool

btw is it safe to upgrade the latest drivers from this site on X99 asus motherboard? Is the MEI drivers modified by asus? I know that the Intel ethernet drivers are because i can not install official latest drivers from intel.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Security Assist\isa.exe
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I think that’s a defunct Intel utility or whatever that hasn’t been included with recent drivers for quite some time. Just install the latest drivers from the ME thread. They are safe and not OEM customized.

You don’t need any of the ME software. Drivers are enough. The rest should not bother you.
AFAIK MEI Drivers never get modified by OEMs.
It’s safe to upgrade to the latest drivers.
If you can’t install the latest drivers and you probably choose the wrong drivers?


I installed it, it workes/worked fine. I ran this package Intel MEI v11.7.0.1010 for Consumer systems Drivers & Software

after install I currently have these installed just as i did before. Were these replaced or should they be removed?
Intel(R) Management engine components
Intel(R) Security assist
Intel(R) Update Manager

I also wish asus could release updates more often like chipset/microcode updates.