Intel UHD Graphics 630 Video Driver for Win7 x64

Yes, I have Pentium G6600 & ASRock H410M-HDV. I’ve installed Windows 7 & 8.1 on small SATA SSD.
I haven’t any problem with UHD 630 & Windows 7. But I have random BSOD with Windows 8.1 (on booting). But it’s not updated to actual state yet.

So should I try the new mod on my machine? Should I change anything?

Not now. I haven’t finished it yet.

I still haven’t ordered the dGPU, and my first offer is valid. :slight_smile:
Any ETA on your side?

Few days for first release.
BTW: Old Windows 10 1607 now can run with UHD 630, but with random BSOD too. :frowning:

@DeathBringer ,

Thank you and good luck.
I’ll wait a few more days.

My first mod for with support for Comet Lake, Coffee Lake, Amber Lake & Whiskey Lake in Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 (up to 1607):
1. Download official driver -…
2. Unpack and replace two files with modified versions -
3. Boot in with disabled driver signature enforcement or enable test mode.
4. Install driver as usual: by exe-file or Device Manager.
5. Choose "Install this driver software anyway" when Windows ask.
6. Reboot in normal mode.

Edit by Fernando: Link to the modified *.SYS file removed (the file is Copyright protected!)

Hi guys, following the topic.

I tried it - it didn’t work.
This device was stopped because it reported a problem. (Code 43)
Comet Lake GT2 - video chip codename

@reanimator5 ,

It did not work on my machine either. I’ve exchanged some private-messages with @DeathBringer.

@Yaron ,
Thank you for letting me know

If possible, I will help with testing

@reanimator5 ,

I’m waiting for a reply from @DeathBringer.
Another tester would be great.

You need to do clean install without any additional drivers or tools.
What’s DevID for your graphics?

@DeathBringer ,
I just installed Win7 and tried different options for video drivers. ID: 9BC5. CSM is enabled, "only UEFI" boot is selected, OS boot option: "UEFI". Not "Other OS". Keys removed. If CSM is completely disabled, then the black screen is a reboot and the CSM itself is enabled in the BIOS.

Try to disable CSM and use UefiSeven -
Can you test my mod with Win8.1 or Win10(1607) with and without CSM?

@DeathBringer ,
I don’t look towards 8 and 10. Yes, and reinstalls Win 7 have already done a lot in search of solutions. If possible, I’ll try to figure it out with UefiSeven or FlashBoot

@reanimator5 ,

Anything new?

@Yaron ,
No, the driver didn’t work, but it was a little tired from testing. I’m testing not only the video driver. If possible, I will continue. Do you have news? Is the video working?

To testing you need to install Windows 10 and any official driver with native support.
And make a screenshot like this -…n2_ncSuGXsh.jpg

@reanimator5 ,

Sadly I don’t have any news. I’ll update here if I do. Please do the same.

@Yaron & @reanimator5
Make TXT-report of CPU-Z, zip it and attach.