Laptop fan speed control!

Hi ! so i lost the software for controlling the speed of my laptop fans after a format… I want to set the fan speed to maximum in bios without unlocking the bios. please help me ! thanks a lot!

Download the software again

@Lost_N_BIOS i cant find the software anywhere and no we didnt unlock the bios earlier! this is the link to thread - legion y520 help bios moding isydeh20 ver 5 bios. (3)
If the bios method does not work can we do something else? to set fan speed without the software?

What is the software name, do you have image of it? I’m sure I can find for you Is it a Lenovo program, or something like speedfan or MSI Afterburner, or Intel XTU?
Fan speed almost always controlled by EC FW in laptops. ?

Sorry for the late reply …the name of the software is lenovo nerve centre(sense) I found one exe of the software but it says that I need windows Store to install the software. But I am using a custom iso of windows without all the unnecessary features so that I get better fps in games…so I can’t install it
Regarding speedfan I tested it , it does not work on my laptop

this software does not work on my laptop sadly :frowning:

OK so i found the software finally on the internet! @Lost_N_BIOS you can close the thread now! :slight_smile: