Lenovo Legion Y540-15IRH BIOS Recovery

Hello everyone!

My friend bricked his Lenovo Legion Y540-15IRH by shutting it down, I tried to download the latest bios and program it but the bios file is bigger than the bios chip.

So I found some steps for a Lenovo Y740 to grab the bios region, I tried to write the bios region to the chip, it fitted the bios chip, but the machine does not boot and is doing less than before. I don’t know what I’m doing but perhaps the bios requires additional modification?

Serial Number:PF1S6Q0N
Machine Type Model:81SX007YMH
Original_unmodified_bios.bin.zip (5.7 MB)

I’m hoping someone could help me out!


Someone who backed up the broken bios before trying to write something- very good!

Your update process from CN41WW to CN44WW stopped after updateing EC firmware within the first EFI volume of the bios region (1FD0BACE-6F0A-4085-901E-F6210385CB6F)

Original_bios.zip (5.4 MB)

Changed EC firmware and this volume back to CN41WW, try if this works…

Hey @lfb6

Thank you so much, it worked!

Could you tell me where I can learn more about the fix? It’s really abracadabra for me and I’d to expand my knowledge on firmware, it’s really interesting!


Thanks for the feedback- good to hear it worked.

There’s no guide for this kind of fix, you need to find the bios versions, UEFIToolNE for the structure and a hex editor to compare the files and to find out where changes were made/ stopped.

Hello everyone,

My computer is the same make and model but this bios did not work for me. I share the product information below, can you please help me find the original bios.

Lenovo Legion Y540-15IRH-PG0
Serial Number : PF1RQK9B
Machine Type Model : 81SYCTO1WW
Factory ID : JVHFC1

Please post the original dump / backup of your machine!

I’m sorry but I don’t have a backup. I have tried different bios before but the screen won’t turn on. I can’t find the original .bin bios for my device.

I don’t know how to proceed.

Lenovo does provide complete firmware images, you just have to extract it from the update package,

Search for _IFLASH_BIOSIMG for the start and IFLASH_INI_IMGÈÍ for the end, exactly 16 MB (16.777.216 bytes), 0x1000000 in length:

If that stock image doesn’t work, the reason for the brick is not the UEFI firmware.

I did exactly what you said and the file size was 16,777,216 bytes. I used the CH341A module to rewrite the bios bin file, but still no display on the computer screen. The keyboard lights come on, the fans spin and turn off again. I haven’t figured out what else to do, I’ve tried many bios but it’s always the same.

I would be very grateful if you could help me.

Sorry to hear that. As written, the reason might be hardware then!