Lenovo Y700-15ISK Upgrade IME remove support for W7 ?


Intel release critical update for IME but it is for W10 only. I wish to update firmware for my HM170 and hoping to runs bit smoother and faster but I want stay on Windows 7.

My Intel(R) ME code versions:

MEBx Version
GbE Region does not exist.
GbE Version Unknown
Vendor ID 8086
PCH Version 31
FW Version H
LMS Version
MEI Driver Version
Wireless Hardware Version 2.1.77
Wireless Driver Version

Lenovo want me to jump to ver wher I found info about Release Note:

- Mitigated security vulnerability.
- Fixed Failure to confirm remote configuration is enabled when running Intel(R) Common Services FW compliance test CS_040
- Fixed Failure of Intel(R) ICC FW compliance test ICC_TST_02 at test step 4 with an error message ‘HECI CMD Status = 0x00000034 (NO_SUCH_TARGET_ID)’.
- Fixed FWUpdate will fail in case image includes Pre-update module
- Fixed Playready DRM returns wrong value.
- Fixed Failed to Get Record via CCT tool with INVALID_PARAMS
- Fixed ICCWDT is not universal driver
- Remove win7 support.

Does anyone can help me to confirm that ?

No ignore these “changes” in the OEM changelogs. Update to the latest CSME firmware via the latest FWUpdate tool as provided in the (CS)ME thread.

plutomaniac I don’t want ignore these changelogs and Remove win7 support makes me worries because I want stay on W7

Please does anyone know about update and W7 compatibility ?