List of latest tools

Are there any “megathread” or site that lists all public official/leaked tools with version info?

I have found some hard drive with internal tools and looking to share if there is anything new.

Post in the parent thread, the tools available are in the related internal tools, like UBU, GOPupdater, AMI modifications, Award modifications, etc… the mod community will appreciate it.

There are millions of “Tools” for nearly all purposes, but If you should mean SSD Tools, please look into the start post of >this< thread.

I am specifically looking for list (with version) of leaked internal tools related to bios/firmware/drivers from manufacturers/vendors but not free public tools like UBU since anyone can just download latest version from author’s page.

Here’s an example list of some internal tools with their version info.

AMIBCP 4.55.0070
AMIBCP 5.01.0014
AMIBCP 5.02.0023
AMIBCP 5.02.0031
MMTool Aptio 4.50.0023
MMTool Aptio 5.00.0007
MMTool Aptio 5.02.0024
MMTool Aptio 5.02.0025
GB EfiFlash 0.52
Efiflash 0.62
Efiflash 0.65
Efiflash 0.74
Efiflash 0.80
AMI Change Logo 4.55
AMI Change Logo 5.00
Intel® System Tools v.8.1 (for Intel® 7)
Intel® System Tools v.9.0 (for Intel® 8)
Intel® System Tools v.9.1 (for Intel® 9)
Intel® System Tools v.11.x (for Intel® 100/200/300)
FTK- Flash ToolKit v0.11 (for Intel® 6/7)
FTK- Flash ToolKit v0.10 (for Intel® 8)

I mean if someone is an active collector and organizes their tools like above then they could just do dir > list.txt from his BIOS TOOLS folder and send me the file.

So if i find AMI Change Logo 6.05 in my archive then i will know what to leak/share.

Regarding this, make sure you read the rules, especially #14. From experience, I can tell you for a fact that anything of that sort from AMI is not allowed to be posted on this forum.

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