[Outdated] Recommended SSD Tools

@ users with one or more SSDs:
Within this thread I want to present some very useful specific SSDs tools, which you can get and use for free.

Recommended SSD Tools
(will not be updated by me anymore)
Last updated: 10/08/2019

A. SSD “Optimizer” Tools

As you all know, the usage of an SSD will give the system a much better performance than any HDD. Nevertheless it is a good idea to “optimize” Solid State Drives from time to time, that means to clean the SSD cells, which contain already deleted, but still present data, to make them reusable as soon as possible for the processing and storage of new data. Otherwise the user may get a remarkable performance breakdown. Since normal defragmentation tools are not useful for SSDs and even may harm them, it is necessary to run a specific SSD tool, if the user wants to optimize his SSD(s). Instead of doing a defragmentation these tools send TRIM commands into the SSD with the result, that as many SSD cells as possible will be usable for the processing or storage of data.

Here are some tools, which are able to optimize the performance of SSDs:

  1. Microsoft Win8/10 Optimizer
    • Note: This “Optimizer” (formerly named “Defrag Tool”) is an integral part of all MS Operating Systems from Win8 up. It can be executed from within the Windows Explorer (right click onto the SSD partition > “Properties” > “Tools” > “Optimizer”).
    • Feature: This tool is able to optimize SSD partitions by sending a thunderstorm of TRIM commands into it. This even works with SSDs, which are part of a RAID0.
    • Warning: The “Optimizer” function only works , when the SSD has been detected as SSD by the OS (the detection can be forced by running the Windows Experience Index). If you run this tool with SSD partitions, which are shown as “Hard Disk Drive”, it will not optimize, but defrag it, which is not good for SSDs.
  3. ADATA SSD ToolBox
    • Latest version: v3.0.11 dated 09/20/2019
    • Download link: >ADATA SSD Toolbox v3.0.11<
    • Usable with: all ADATA SSDs
    • Features: Firmware Update, SSD Optimization, OS Optimization, Drive info etc. (for details look >here<)
  5. Anvil’s Storage Utilities
    • Actual version: 1.1.0 dated 01/02/2014
    • Download links: >Anvil’s Storage Utilities v1.1.0 (developer’s link)< (>Mirror<)
    • Usable with: all SSDs
    • Feature: This is originally a benchmark tool, but it contains a TRIM trigger option. The use is recommended before you do a benchmark test. You will find the TRIM trigger option here:

      TRIM option of Anvils Storage Utilities.png

    • Further details: Look >here<
  7. Corsair SSD Toolbox
    • Latest version: dated 06/08/2019
    • Download link: >Corsair SSD Toolbox v1.2.5.7 (direct link)<
    • Usable with: Corsair SSDs (and other SSDs?)
    • Feature: This tool has an "Optimize" button. Its execution will send TRIM commands to the SSD.
    • Note: According to Corsair the "Optimizer" will send TRIM commands even into a RAID0 array. It has to be confirmed by a Corsair SSD RAID0 user, if this really works.
    • Further details: Look >here< (not always up-to-date)
  9. Crucial Storage Executive Tool
    • Latest version: 5.02 dated 07/30/2019
    • Download link: >Crucial Storage Executive v5.02 (64bit)< (installation may require .NET Framework 4.0 or higher)
    • Usable with: Crucial MX-series, BX-series, M550 and M500 SSDs
    • Supported Operating Systems: Win7/8/10
    • Features: Firmware Updates, SSD's Health Monitoring, Encryption Password Reset, Model Number Detection etc.
    • Note: No TRIM in RAID support.
    • Further details: Look >here<
  11. HGST Device Manager
  13. Intel Memory and Storage Tool
    • Latest version: 1.7 dated 04/08/2021
    • Download link: >Intel(R) MAS Tool GUI (Intel Download Center)<
    • Usable with: Intel SSDs (not all SSDs are supported)
    • Special feature: This tool is able to optimize Intel SSDs by sending a thunderstorm of TRIM commands to them. It even supports TRIM in RAID0 (except on Win8/8.1 and W2k12).
    • Further details: Look into the PDF files, which are part of Intel's MAS package.
  15. Kingston SSD Manager
  17. Lexar SSD Dash
  19. MyDigitalSSD Toolbox
  21. Plextor Plextool
    • Latest version: 1.2.2 dated 06/29/2016
    • Download link: >Plextor PLEXTOOL<
    • Usable with: Plextor M2P, M3, M3P, M5S, M5P(ro), M6S, M6M and newer SSDs
    • Features: Firmware Updates, SSD's Health Monitoring, S.M.A.R.T. Informations
    • Note: No TRIM in RAID support.
  23. Samsung Magician (Consumer Edition)
    • Latest version: dated 09/05/2019
    • Download links: >Samsung Magician v6.0.0.1005 for Consumers< (direct link) or >Samsung Download Site<
    • Usable with: Samsung SSDs (except Samsung's PM863 and SM863 Series, which need the "Enterprise" edition of the tool).
    • Special feature: RAPID Mode (extreme benchmark score boost by data caching, not available with all Samsung SSDs)
    • Notes:
      • The Magician SSD management utility is designed to work with all Samsung SSD products, including 470 Series, 750 Series, 830/840/850/860 Series and 950/960/970 Series. This software is not compatible with other manufacturer's SSDs.
      • No TRIM in RAID0 support
    • Further details: Look >here<
  25. SanDisk SSD Dashboard
  27. Seagate SeaTools SSD GUI
  29. SK hynix Easy Kit (SSD Manager)
    • Latest version: 1.4.3 dated ????
    • Download link: >HYNIX DRIVE MANAGER EASY KIT v1.4.3< (touslesdrivers.com link)
    • Usable with: SK hynix SSDs (with limited support of other SATA SSDs, useful to check the Samsung SM951 AHCI SSD)
    • Features: Firmware Updates, SSD's Health Monitoring, Encryption Password Reset, Model Number Detection etc.
    • Installation Guide: Look >here<
  31. TeamGroup SSD Toolbox
  33. Toshiba (OCZ) SSD Utility
    • Latest version: 3.2.3303 dated 01/22/2019
    • Download link: >Toshiba SSD Utilty v3.2.3303 (Toshiba direct link)<
    • Usable with: OCZ resp. Toshiba SSDs
    • Features: Maintenance, Health Monitoring and Tuning of OCZ/Toshiba SSDs (for details look into the above linked Toshiba info page)
    • Note: The SSD should run in AHCI mode.
    • Installation Guide: Look >here<
  35. Western Digital SSD Dashboard
  37. ZOTAC SSD Toolbox Utility

Other SSD "Optimizer" tools will be added, when they are available and if there is a demand for them.

B. Other useful SSD Tools

Here are some specific tools, which do not optimize the performance of the SSD, but may be useful as well:
  1. TrimCheck Tool
    • Feature: This tool is able to verify, if TRIM is active within the SSD. It even works with SSDs, which are members of a RAID0 array.
    • Latest version: 0.7 dated 08/16/2014
    • Download links: >TrimCheck Tool v0.7< (>MIRROR<)
    • Developer: Vladimir Panteleev (aka CyberShadow)
    • Homepage with additional infos: >LINK<
    • Note: This tool is very easy to use, but seems not to be able to detect low TRIM activity at any time. For further informations please look into >this< thread.

Other useful SSD tools will be added, when they are available and I got knowledge about them.

Enjoy the SSD tools!

I use Corsair Toolbox V 1.0 to optimize my SSD Neutron GTX or upgrade the firmware.
It is a new comer, and on a SONY VAIO notebook i get some problems, but on going to be fixed I hope in a next release.

For Kingston SSD there is also SSD Kingston ToolBox, but very limited (no firmware upgrade, no optimization)

Thanks for your remarks and additions.
Meanwhile I have added the Corsair Toolbox to my start post.

I heard from someone that when migrating from HDD to SDD in Windows 8 that Magician will not support the Trim feature. I will not be using RAID 0 for this case. Do I have to do a clean install of Windows 8 before the Magician 4.2 can set up the Trim support feature.

@ TraderJoe30:
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

Maybe the migration has not been done correctly.

Although I always recommend to do a fresh OS install, when someone is going to replace a HDD by an SSD as system drive, I don’t think, that it is absolutely needed to get all Magician features working.


I don’t know if this was posted elsewhere, but a new version (0.5) of Trimcheck was released 21-Aug-2013.

•Write fully random data as padding instead of a repeating pattern (to avoid possible intervention of deduplication components)
•Cryptographically sign executable


If this was posted in the wrong section, feel free to move.

@ Pacman:
Thanks for starting this separate thread and for posting the changelog.
The availability of the TrimCheck Tool v0.5 had already been mentioned by me some days ago within the start post of >this< thread, but many visitors of this Forum may not have realized it.
So it was a good idea to post this information separately.

@ all:
Within >this< thread you can find additional TrimCheck v0.5 download links.

Ah, yes i missed that :slight_smile:
This is just an idea, but what about a "Tools" section?, with the modding tools and different utils in subsections.
Seems to me it would be easier to find them.

That may be true, but it would break the current topic structure of the Forum. Furthermore I am afraid, that users may post the release of each new or updated tool (for whatever purpose) into such “Tools” section. When I started this Forum, I had the intention to concentrate the topics to “AHCI/RAID Drivers”, “BIOS Modding” and “HDD/SSD Performance” and didn’t want to compete with Station-Drivers regarding the announcement and discussion of any PC news.
What is your opinion about that?
As a workaround I have merged your post into this thread and customized the title of it.
Is this ok for you?


Yes, you are right, eventually it could get out of hand.
I’m absolutely fine with the merging :slight_smile:

About the Corsair Toolbox:
Trim on raid is NOT yet supported (just checked on my raid-0 of Force GT’s)


Thanks for this info. Your finding has been added into the "Corsair Toolbox" section of the start post.

info from Corsair:

The Corsair SSD Toolbox will run on:

•XP SP3 (32-bit)…(64-bit version not supported)
•Vista 32-bit w/ latest SP (all functions)
•Vista 64-bit w/ latest SP (all functions)
•Win 7 32-bit w/ latest SP (all functions)
•Win 7 64-bit w/ latest SP (all functions)
•Win 8 32-bit (TRIM is not supported, all others functions are)
•Win 8 64-bit (TRIM is not supported, all others functions are)

I used the latest updates to the Samsung Migration 2.0 software and followed the instructions exactly using a brand new Alienware 18, so pretty sure migration was done correctly. I was able to boot to the new Evo SSD with everything migrated just fine, but it was slow and laggy with the Windows Experience Index Processor number for the Processor dropping from 8.1 down to 5.0 … so there was some compatibility issues that happened following the migration process. The Magician 4.2.1 worked well using Rapid and increased the data speed to S-Read = 547 and S-Write = 812. The system became unstable within 24 hours and then the screen went black with no ability to get to the desktop. Like you say you recommend a clean install so I guess I will try that to see if that solves the problem. I know there are a lot of parameters that are different for the SSD as compared to a HDD, so I will search on the forums to see how to set it up correctly.

@Fernando ,
Just for update the versions in header, Intel Toolbox is now 3.1.8, and Samsung Magician is 4.2.1.
As ANVILPRO RC6 is in the list , AS SSD 1.7.4739.38088 should be there, what do you think about ?

Thanks for the info. The start post has been updated.

Anvil’s Storage Utilities are not listed as a benchmark tool, but as a tool, which is able to clean an SSD by triggering TRIM. AFAIK none of the other SSD benchmark tools have this option.

After fiddling around with Windows updates and running a lot of test the system stabilized from the migration wo having to do a clean install. The Samsung 4.2.1 Rapid optimizer in Magician is running at sequential Read = 914 and Sequential Write = 937, which is Raid 0 speed from a single SSD, simply Brilliant. A+

That must be a Samsung 840 EVO SSD. Am I right?

Impossible score for one ssd; you’re benchmarking cache-memory, not the ssd itself.

Thanks VERY much for the link to the Samsung Tool.
I had an older version and it refused to load on Win8.