Lost trim after upgrading to Z87

Today i finished my upgrade from Z68 to Z87.
My new systemboard is Asus Maximus VI Formula (C2)
Raid0 config: 4x Corsair Force GT 120Gb
Windows 8
Bios 0714 is loaded (latest available)
Intel Raid optiom rom is running (native with bios 0714)
IRST driver is (latest on Asus website)

I checked trim with hex-edit method twice, but trim is not working.
Fernando, what option rom do you suggest?
Also, bios files are now in *.CAP format; can i edit them the same as with *.ROM files (using MMTool) ?

using IRST driver does not solve it, so i need to apply the option rom i think.

thanks in advance,

That is not easy to say. Usually your current Intel RAID ROM/driver combo should support TRIM within your RAID0 array.
But: Sandforce Controllers are tricky regarding TRIM. This may be the reason why your TRIM detection tests were negative. Furthermore Intel obviously has changed something regarding TRIM, when they started the RST v12.x.x.xxxx branch.
This is what I recommend to do:
1. Run the Windows 8 "Optimizer" (provided your SSDs have been detected by the OS as SSDs, otherwise run the WEI before).
2. Redo the manual TRIM test.
If the TRIM test should fail, you may "downgrade" your currently running RAID driver to v11.7.4.1001 and then retry the TRIM test.

Yes, when you try to open an AMI Aptio UEFI BIOS, you have at least 4 File Type options:

  1. Aptio Files (.fd, .rom)
  2. Firmware Volume files (.fv)
  3. Capsule Files (.cap) and
  4. All Files (.)

So you have to choose the 3rd option, if you want to open and to process your .CAP file BIOS.

irst driver also does not support trim on my system :frowning:
and now?

Since you have the newest Intel chipset and the development of optimized v12 RAID drivers and ROM/SataDriver modules has not yet been completed by Intel, I recommend to wait some weeks,
You may update the Intel RAID ROM and SataDriver modules to v12.7.0.1936, but I don’t think, that you will get more TRIM into your RAID0 than now.

and downgrading orom to 11.X ?

You can try it with the RAID ROM v11.6.0.1702 in combination with the v11.7.4.1001 drivers. Nothing is impossible…

i stick to your first advice and wait.
i’m very disappointed in the upgrade to Z87 right now.
as ssd benchmark is only 10% better (using sata3 ports in stead of sata2)

thanks for your help anyway,

How that? Your previous Z68 mainboard had SATA3 ports as well.
The main difference between the SATA3 ports of Z68 and Z68 chipset is, that Z87 boards do support more than 2 of them.
I just have realized, that you were aleady running 4 SSDs in RAID0 with your Z68 system - my bad.
By the way: According to what I have read you get already the maximum possible performance with 3 SSDs running in RAID0. The 4th RAID0 member doesn’t enhance the speed anymore due to the Southbridge lane bottleneck.

Just posted a technical inquiry to Asus.
Hope they can solve/assign the problem.


Applied Intel RST driver/software with RAID OROM (bios 0714)
to my new build with:
- Raid-0: 4x Corsair Force GT 120Gb
- Asus Maximus 6 Formula

–>> TRIM still not working.
anybody a clue?


That is really a big surprise for me, bevause I haven’t yet seen a similar report.

Not really.
Maybe it would a good idea to post your problem to Intel’s Support Community. >Here< is the link.

thanks Fernando; just logged a question there…

maybe i have to update the sata-driver module in the bios also.

Fernando, you describe to do it as follows:
How to update an Intel UEFI RAID “SataDriver” module:
(requires the presence of such module within the UEFI AMI BIOS)
1. Open the BIOS with the AMI Aptio UEFI MMTool and search for the FileName “SataDriver” having a GUID starting with “90C8D394”.

When i check my bios file, the sata-driver guid begins with "91B4D9C1"

What do you advice?
Also currently i’m running windows 8 with an uefi-installation.

thanks in advance,

You can replace the SataDriver module nevertheless.
As a consequence of your post I will insert the word "usually" into the related text of my guide.

Does it have influence when running an uefi setup?

What do you mean?
The SataDriver version has a big influence on the Intel SATA RAID Controller, because it is its "Firmware", if you have installed the OS in "RAID" mode.

one can do a normal win 8 raid-0 install (efi) or an uefi install.
does the upgrade of the sata-driver in the raid orom have influence on both installations?

If you do a "LEGACY mode" (non-UEFI) Win8 installation, just the Intel RAID ROM will be used by the system, wheras the OS, which has been installed in "UEFI mode", only will use the BIOS module named SataDriver.
Both BIOS modules (Intel RAID ROM and Intel SataDriver) do not infuence each other, only one of them will work.

so in my case with uefi-install, it is very wise to upgrade also the sata-driver.

That is correct. You wouldn’t even need to update the Intel RAID ROM as long as you will install your Operating Systems in UEFI mode.