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Do I need to download the Source Distribution or Build Distribution? :roll_eyes:

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‘pip3’ is not recognized as an internal command
or external, an operable program or a batch file.

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I didn’t install the components I don’t use :thinking: :grimacing: :roll_eyes:

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for all users

What is wrong with installing Python?

I was able to solve the problem… :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
I selected the option “Add Python to environment variables” :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

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Hello, is there any important reason why CSME 16.0 and 16.1 repositories are still not published? As far as I can see in the MEA.dat, there are a lot of them.
For example, i have

MEA tells me “This CSE ME firmware is not in the database…”
Should i share it? Or is it not allowed? If it’s allowed, why don’t you publish yours?

Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools (16+) - Special Topics / Intel Management Engine - Win-Raid Forum (

About the reason…its simple, its the developer option only and his judgment, its not his obligation to share or publish everything “from his house”, this is a free forum and users have a real life and ocupation outside.

Releases · platomav/MEAnalyzer (

Regarding to shares, feel free to it, the community will appreciate.

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As I had explained in the past (a, b), I have stopped most of my involvement with (CS)ME related topics, and that includes posting new firmware, updating the repositories/tools and updating ME Analyzer with support for newer platforms.

To be precise, ME Analyzer supports the following firmware, as seen at the README over at GitHub:

2 0 1 100 APL ICP ICP 19
3 1 2 101 BXT LKF LKF 20
4 2 3 - GLK JSP CMP -
5 3 4 (BA, HA, PU) - CNP CMP TGP -
6 4 5 (ME) - ICP TGP ADP -
7 - 6 (TA) - LKF MCC DG1 -
8 - - - JSP ADP DG2 -
9 - - - CMP - - -
10 - - - TGP - - -
11 - - - MCC - - -
12 - - - ADP - - -
13 (0, 30, 50) - - - DG1 - - -
14 (0, 1, 5) - - - DG2 - - -
15 (0, 40) - - - - - - -
16 (0, 1) - - - - - - -

Any Intel Engine family and/or version which is not listed above, is not supported. There are no plans to add support for other Intel Engine firmware at this point.

In terms of Engine related thread/updates over here, we have the following:

In terms of ME Analyzer, CSME 16.1 is supported, so the entry can be added to its database. So if you report it and attach it to the equivalent CSME 16+ thread, I will see it and probably add it to the DB. But in terms of thread and/or firmware repository updates,
it won’t be added because I stopped at (supported) CSME <= 15.

FYI: I keep saying “supported” CSME 15 because apparently Intel has recently released a platform which uses CSME 15.20 or similar, which is newer and thus not part of the supported firmware at the time in which I stopped, a year or so ago.


I shared a few regions which are not in the MEA database in CSME 16+ thread.
Thank you for your work!

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new for database (1.7 MB)
PMC_MCC_154.1.10.1028_LP_B_PRD.rar (85.2 KB)

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Hello plutomaniac, do you have any private contact, e-mail or something?

You can send a pm here

Ok, maybe I missed a part or a post, but MEAnalyzer displayed I should update to v1.283.3.
Downloaded the package from Github but the MEA.exe is missing.
Made also sure that my AV (Eset) didn’t interfere, but nothing in the logs or quarantine.

It’s not like that, that I need it urgently, the previous version 1.283.2 did it’s job on my “old” notebook, but still wondering whether it was forgotten or removed from the package on purpose.


EXE wasn’t there, you have to compile it yourself. Try reading the README file

Well, that’s a bummer, install Python, compile, just to have a slight bump in version number for a minor fix.

Thanks anyway.


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I wonder- CSE SPS and CSE SPS should be known to MEA according to history, but are still marked?

Whitley was never supported, actually, even in the past. That platform (4.4) was so bad that I refused to spend the time to try to make it work at MEA. An abomination.

For CSSPS 6, only Tatlow should not display the “unsupported” message, which it does (in the picture). The “hash” errors MEA reports are valid/true, Intel had bad hashes in some CSSPS families, which clearly were not used for something there so it didn’t matter I suppose.

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Thank you! But it’s the “new - not found” message I was wondering about:

CSSPS is included in DB r333

CSSPS is included DB r332

but they still get a “not in the database - please report in”

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Ah, I see. My suspicion is that these files are in a non-standard (for SPS firmware) format. Can you attach them to take a look?

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Those were HP updates, the two mentioned versions and an older version ( behave identically. (5.6 MB)

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Ah, ok, I forgot. At CSSPS 4.4 (WH) and 6.0 (TA), the database does not include records for OPR and REC, only EXTR. For WH, I never bothered (unsupported). For TA, it was added right before stopping the maintenance of the tool, so the minimum effort was to simply add EXTR (without extracting the OPR/REC from within). Also, if I remember correctly, Intel stopped distributing OPR and REC separately in the System Tools packages, so I left only EXTR at the DB.

Moreover, those firmware images are indeed non-standard. They are actually in IFWI (BPDT) format, which is weird. Maybe custom HP logic is used for updating or something. You can see by “-dfpt” parameter too:

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