Modded Intel AHCI and RAID Drivers (digitally signed)

Hi! Fernando

Can you mod Intel RST AHCI+RAID+NVMe drivers v18.37.1.1003.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Your requested mod+signed Intel RST driver v18.37.1.1003 is now available within the start post.
After having successfully installed the driver please post your feedback about the impact of this specific driver on your system into this thread (don’t forget to mention the chipset of your mainboard and the OS you are running).

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Well! Intel RST driver v18.37.1.1003 doing good so far. Performance wise, margin of error I guess.

Thanks for the feedback, but you forgot to mention your in-use chipset and OS.

Damn, my bad. Using Windows 11 and the chipset is Intel 300 series.

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The start post has been updated today by me.

Thank you @Fernando for this mod Intel RST drivers v18.37.4.1007!

What drivers are suitable for X79 SATA controller? I tried several from this topic - they cannot be installed

Provided, that you have imported the Win-RAID CA Certificate, you may be able to get several Intel AHCI or RAID drivers installed, which I am offering within the start post of this thread.
If you want to know, which driver version is recommended to install, you should look into the start post of >this< thread.

How did you try to get the driver(s) installed and which error message did you get?
Is the Intel SATA Controller running in AHCI or RAID mode? Which OS ar you running?

The start post has been updated today by me.
Any feedback is much appreciated.

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Thanks for the excellent contribution.
I have a question.
In the version, first you say that it is compatible from ICH6 and a little further down you say that it is compatible from ICH7.
I don’t see an ICH6 line inside the inf file so I understand that it is compatible from ICH7

On the other hand I comment that the version has the links down.

In the post Guide integration of Intel AHCI/RAID drivers @AquaVixen says that AHCI driver does not come for x79 with Windows XP. I have read on Wikipedia that this is possible. But reading Fernando’s explanations I understand that Wikipedia is wrong.

This is in Spanish but you can use a translator.


Regarding the usability of a certain Intel AHCI driver (here: v11.2.0.1006) for a certain Intel Southbridge/chipset you have to differentiate between the original and a modded driver variant:
The officially released and WHQL certified Intel RST AHCI driver v11.2.0.1006 supports only very limited Intel AHCI Controllers (from ICH7 up to Intel 7-Series) and no “Enterprise Edition” Intel RAID Controllers (e.g. for X79 chipsets), whereas the same driver after being modified by me supports older and newer Intel systems running in AHCI and RAID mode.
By the way - only the mod+signed Intel MSM AHCI/RAID driver v8.9.8.1005 supports systems with an Intel ICH6 Southbridge.

The broken links will be repaired within the next 5 minutes.

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Intel RST application names have varied over time. This is to go crazy.
I think I already have a general idea, without being an expert.
I don’t understand why you name versions higher than 11.2 as RSTe.
I think the thing is like this:

Versions 1 and 2 are Intel Application Accelerator for IDE drives.
From v.3 until 2010 it contains AHCI and Matrix RAID modes. The first mode is the Intel driver SATA normal and the latter mode is a fake RAID.
Up to version 4 it is included on Intel Application Accelerator RAID Edition, between versions 5 and 8.9 it is included on Intel Matrix Storage Manager (IMSM), since version 9 it is included on Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) preferring the driver modes to be named RST AHCI and RST AHCI RAID instead of Matrix RAID. The latter is also known as RST RAID mode.

As of 2020, it includes a RAID system capable of RAID levels.
Intel RST came in two variants, RST for desktops, and RSTe for enterprise scenarios, although for many chipsets, the user could choose as both variants will operate correctly.

VROC was a part of Intel RSTe. The SATA RAID portion of the product family was called Intel RSTe and the NVMe RAID portion was called Intel VROC. However, starting in Q1 2019, with the launch of Intel VROC 6.0, the Intel RSTe name was removed, and all RAID solutions in this product family were branded as Intel VROC. The SATA functionality remains, but is now branded as Intel VROC (SATA RAID). Intel RSTe is no longer a referenced product by Intel. The name may still appear in some legacy products, but all new references will solely use the Intel VROC nomenclature.

In the versions that you name RSTe the .inf file says RST, not RSTe. This throws me off.


I never understood why Intel started a separate “Enterprise Edition” Rapid Storage Technology and named it RSTe. The construction and functionality of the v3/4/5 platform Intel RSTe drivers are very similar to all Intel RST drivers from v11.5 up up to v15.9.8.1050. That is why I name the latter ones “RST(e)” drivers.

  1. All these RSTe and RST drivers do contain an additional SCSI Filter driver named iaStorF.sys, which simulates an SCSI device and is required to let the TRIM command pass the Intel SATA RAID Controller into the SSD.
  2. The SCSI Filter driver named iaStorF.sys is only needed and usable by old Windows Operating Systems up to Win7.
  3. For further information please read the discussion on >this< page.