Modding AMI BIOS images for Supermicro boards with dual RAID option ROMs

My motherboard won’t pass TRIM commands through to my SSDs in RAID 0 under Windows, and I read here that I need to mod the BIOS for that to work.

What I want to know before I go through with this is whether anyone has tried and succeeded at this with a 5520 chipset (basically the dual socket version of the X58), and if there’s anything additional I’d have to do to make this on a board that lets you select between two different RAID option ROMs in the BIOS menu (Intel and Adaptec).

I searched the forum but I didn’t find whether anyone had a conclusive experience.

@castrwilliam :
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If you want TRIM support within your Intel RAID0 array, you have to update the Intel RAID ROM module of your currently used BIOS to a TRIM in RAID0 modded one according to >this< guide.
The best version will be v11.2.0.1527, provided that your BIOS is able to load a nearly 120 KB sized Option ROM module. If there should be a problem with v11.2.0.1527, I recommend to insert the TRIM modded v10.1.0.1008.

The Adaptec RAID ROM and the Intel RAID ROM have nothing to do with each other. If you want TRIM in RAID0, you have to connect the RAID array member SSDs to the Intel SATA ports, to insert the required TRIM in RAID0 modded Intel RAID ROM module and use the matching Intel RAID driver.

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