Modify the SuperMicrox11spa-t BIOS to support ES CPU B0 step

This is the BIOS file I extracted from the motherboard and the microcode that supports the B0 step

I hope someone can modify it

See, I knew you could do it Thanks!

Please link me to Supermicro BIOS Download page for this board so I can grab stock BIOS to make a proper folder to keep on my end. Never mind, I got it, if you are 100% sure you don’t have the X11SPA-TF model.

How did you extract the BIOS from board you linked above? Do you already know you can flash it back once modified?

Are you 100% sure the microcode you included is the exact one you need for your CPU?…

This is my motherboard BIOS download address


I’m sure I need 50652 microcode


I hope you can modify the BIOS on the Google cloud disk I sent, so I can flash it back directly

I used this device to read the BIOS file

@FMQ - Yes, I will edit the file you uploaded. Please edit your posts if you want to add more info and no one has replied yet, thanks.

Please download ME V11 System Tools package from Section C.2 in this thread, and from Admin CMD prompt from the MEInfo folder, run this command and show me image of the end of the report >> MEInfoWin.exe -verbose
Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools

We need to confirm Verified or Measured Boot is not enabled at the left/FPF side, otherwise BIOS will brick if you modify microcode.

I get a Error

Error 82: Unknown or unsupported hardware platform

Show me command you are using, and or try from DOS if you do not have ME drivers installed.
Or, maybe this doesn’t work properly for your type of ME FW, seems odd it wouldn’t, since ME Analzyer reads it just fine (Showed me CSE V11.22), and I dopped it into V11 FITc program and it reads it just fine and allows changes, rebuilds etc.

This is going to run on my x11spa-t computer, right?

X11spa-t I don’t have a formal CPU to boot the computer

Yes, I assume you are asking about ME tools. As mentioned, please edit your posts to add more info/questions etc, don’t make new posts if no one has replied yet it makes a mess.

Also, please be sure you see this post (#204) about your board series and memory with these CPU’s - Allow B0 stepping on Asus W621E Sage (14)

Well, if you do not have a CPU then we can’t check Bootguard, so you will never know if BIOS bricked due to Bootguard key burned into FPF, or if CPU just not compatible still.
Wait! How did you get error at post #5 if you can’t start the board?

The fifth error is running on another computer


I haven’t figured out how to use that MEinfo, and my x11spa-t won’t start because I don’t have a support CPU


I only have an ES CPU

Haha! OK then, Yes, you needed to run it on this computer How did you think you were going to get ME FW report for this computer, from another computer

Please edit your posts if you want to add more info, don’t make me ask it again, that’s about 5+ times in less than an hour I’ve asked you nicely Thanks

Please wait, I will upload mod BIOS for you and edit into this post in a second

* Edit - Here, hope it works for you. If brick, then program back your original dump, if that bricks then your write process is flawed (wrong software for chip ID, wrong version etc)
And please be sure to read the memory info I linked above at the Asus thread (Some memory may not work with those CPU’s, unless he meant only on Asus board?) Ahh yes, UDIMMS fail with B0, maybe only on Asus though, he explain more at post 201, said use use RDIMM/LRDIMMs for that Sage board with B0…851993226454661

Let me have a try
thank you very much

Did it work?

Didn’t work

Then you may need new SECCore, and I don’t know if that can be simply transferred over. We’ll have to ask avd if he knows, hopefully he will reply (hasn’t been online here in few months)

@avd - do you know if I can transfer SECcore from Sage as-is?…PNLb9VNcq6BWz-s

This BIOS is Support ES CPU Step2

You can have a look

Nothing I can do until @avd replies

@Lost_N_BIOS @FMQ Hello! No, seccore from sage won’t work here. You need this one -…rpr?usp=sharing
You also will need bios v2.x, not 3.x. v2.1 is the latest compatible bios. Modify seccore as is with UEFI Tool (UBU).
It should work, good luck.

@avd - thanks a lot for quick and in-depth info! What BIOS/where does this SECCore come from?
How are you supposed to find BIOS at Supermicro, I can’t even see that latest BIOS “829” is a V3.xx BIOS, no way to find older BIOS there either, that site is terrible!
I go to support/downloads, trying to find manually, but there is no C621 chipset in the menu, and 620 doesn’t show this model, and if I put in the model all I get is back to that original “latest BIOS 829”

* Edit - I assumed google would help me, but it’s a fail. Can you please link me to 2.1 BIOS for this model.
Also, since he has programmer, I assume I can copy over his board details and he can program back in 2.1 edited that way, but is there anyway for him to directly “Flash” 2.1 first, then dump with programmer and send to me for editing?
Maybe through IMPI, or disable IMPI, or other method? If not, I can transfer details I’m sure, but it would be easier if he could flash 2.1 properly using normal flash methods, and then dump with programmer for me to edit.

I know SuperMicro 3.0a BIOS can through add MicroCode to Support ES CPU, maybe we can extract SuperMicro Version 3.0a BIOS Seccode add to X11SPA-T BIOS

I want to have a try,but i can’t Modify seccore

Link me to 3.0a and I will make for you, but avd knows what he’s talking about on this I’m sure, so you probably need 2.1 BIOS that he mentioned. Try to find that if you can