[Need Help] Gigabyte B365M Gaming HD Rev 1.0

Long story short.
My distributor insisted that Gigabyte B365M Gaming HD Rev 1.0 support 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Gen Intel CPU.
So I ordered 1 for testing and it did support i5-7400.
I couldn’t test fully as my is CPU half broken (Can access BIOS and DOS only).
I dumped the BIOS with CH341A programmer.
Any BIOS expert care to analyse the BIOS dump?
By the way how is it even possible?
Manufacturer: Gigabyte
Model: B365M Gaming HD
Rev.: 1.0
BIOS Ver.: F20
Bios Date: 29th July 2021

CH341A.rar (6.56 MB)

QFLASH.rar (6.53 MB)

Lets get one thing straight u ordered a new motherboard and its already broken?
The B365 its a 1151v2 platform only supports 8/9Th GEN (NOT SkyLake/KabyLake 6/7th GEN 1151v1)


EDIT: NO OFICIALY it doesnt. I just told u the correct official information, u didnt asked for a MOD for Sky Lake/Kaby Lake on 300 series did u?
So for mod theres plenty of info on the forum as u already found, go for it, ur task only to do it.


The board does support 6th/7th Gen CPU and waiting for replacement CPU