[Need Help] NUC7i5BNH BIOS

Hello. I have a NUC7i5BNH. It used to work perfectly fine. I sold it and the buyer claimed DoA. I refunded, got the item back and found the following;

Will power on with power button, LED goes from orange to Blue.
No HDMI display or USB-C video output via adapter
No USB as keyboard will not show Caps / Scroll lock LEDs for example.

Things that happen;
After power on, the NUC power cycles back to standby (orange LED) then back to On (blue LED). Cycle continues.
CPU fan will spin after a short time, board gets warm to touch.
Removal of all RAM causes the correct 3 slow flash of blue LED on startup.

What I have tried;
Check PSU power during operation. Correct 19V
Remove all power, disconnect CMOS battery for several hours
Reseat RAM, different slots, entire different DIMMS, etc
Remove BIOS security jumper, connect fat32 format USB as per the Intel NUC hardware BIOS recovery. No indication of BIOS flash. After a short time the NUC will return to standby.

Thread attachments;

I have dumped the BIOS three times got the same CRC check
CRC64 [40023CA5E05425D0]
NUC7i5BNH-W25Q64FV-Dump1.zip - BIOS File (Opens in UEFITool_NE_A59)

There is also a SPI chip on the other side of the board that I originally dumped in error I have also attached in case it is useful
CRC64 [4518BADB920C0602].
NUC7i5BNH-W25X10CL-Dump2.zip - Chip on RAM side of board.

I have the ethernet MAC address from when it was working as I had it static IP in my router.

Greatly appreciate any input.

NUC7i5BNH-W25Q64FV-Dump1.zip (5.45 MB)

NUC7i5BNH-W25X10CL-Dump2.zip (25.4 KB)

What makes you think this might be a bios/ firmware problem?

Static parts of bios region are 100% identical to stock bios, the EC firmware you dumped from the other chip is 100% identical to the EC cirmware in latest update.

You might empty the NVRAM in case the buyer fiddled with rare settings (like trying to undervolt / whatever), but there’s not much hope. Look here for the procedure

In case this didn’t help (as expected) you could clean the ME region according to this guide (but that seems even less probable): [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization

I dont really know if it would be the bios or not but as the unit has no output on HDMI and won’t startup correctly there isn’t much else I could do other than toss it in the scrap bin. Intel said it is too far out of warranty for them to help. Finding these forums has given me a last option to attempt repair.

Thank you, I will try your suggestions. Would these steps essentially reset the non static parts of the bios?

Is there some way I could have the bios reset all the supporting modules?

There’s no more you can do to the firmware than the two steps mentioned. GD and GbE are static, ME gets initialized and NVRAM stores settings (and is written to all the time by OS, too). Dont forget to clear the CMOS. There’s a flash decriptor (identical to the one in your dump) and a configured ME region in the update file, too.

Hello! I have good news. I was able to get the system booting again by clearing the NVRAM partitions following the example in that link. Although it is missing some images / details that would make the steps easier. But I worked it out!

To get the NUC to boot after flashing the cleared bios I had to remove the security jumper and power on. After a couple of automatic restarts I got an image and menu. I then flashed the latest bio bios image from Intel.

Thank you very much for your suggestion! You saved me approx $300!



Good news indeed- thanks for the feedback! Since those settings won’t change in switched off state under transport ‘something’ actively was done on buyers side?

I never owned an Intel NUC, so the function of this security jumper and when it should be used isn’t clear/ known to me. In addition it’s not completely clear what the bios update is ‘repairing’?! Those volumes were bitwise identical to stock, but maybe there are some values regarding ‘completion of last update’ missing in NVRAM making the update process think that last run wasn’t properly done…

Where do you think additional pictures / details are missing in the description?

I would perhaps reword these sentences;

To something like;

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it! Unfortunately this forum software is not capable of editing a larger post with some more pics, it destroyed the older parts of the post while editing. For now it’s emptied since I don’t have the time to restore the whole post…

EDIT- Restored the thread, I think the part about deleting the NVRAM at least is rather detailed now…