Need ME for Dell Venue 7140 für A13 or A15 BIOS

Hi all,

after updating to A13 BIOS Version the ME seems to be corrupted. I already dumped the ME region and reflashed it, but to no avail. With the ME region corrupted I can’t flash to the latest A15 BIOS, because the flash stalls when it comes to ME flashing.

Does anyone have a fitting ME region .bin for the Venue 7140 which I could flash with FPT (maybe just extracted from a working one)? I already tried the v10 ME 5MB Image from this board, but when I try to flash with -me option it tells me, that the image is a tad larger than the flashable register.

I managed to extract the ME image from a Dell BIOS file using a python script + pfsextractor.exe but still the extracted ME region file is bigger in size that my ME region in the venue 7140:

fpt -i gives me a ME region of 0x005000 - 0x4FFFFF
the file extracted or downloaded new ME firmwares are 0x5A6000 in size
the (corrupted) ME firmware i dumped from the venue is 0x4ca000 in size

I could flash the bigger ME firmware, but FPT warns me that it would not write all to the flash as it is to big?

First, read all the firmware warnings at the ME thread to understand why what you are currently trying to do is a bad idea. Then, read section A of the Engine CleanUp Guide to understand how the ME settings are to be adjusted. Once you’re ready, you need to dump your current/corrupt ME region (or preferably the full SPI image) and follow the Engine CleanUp Guide.

Great, thanks for the guidance! I followed the Cleanup Guide and it worked out like a charm - I afterwards flashed the current BIOS which worked flawlessly as well.