Nvidia RTX 3070 Drivers for Windows 8.1

Anyone has a modded driver that would install on 8.1? Inf Modding doesn’t allow installing of w7 drivers so im not sure what to do, help appreciated.
My device id : PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_249D&SUBSYS_13051462

me too

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Instead of waiting for a modded driver you (and @burzeus ) should try to get the original driver manually installed by using the “Have Disk” option and forcing the installation (don’t forget to set a “Restore Point” before doing that).
If you should succeed, your OS will work with a WHQL certified driver (and not with a modded one).
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

P.S.: I have deleted the other thread you had started about the same topic.

thank you!

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That would not be possible since its only supported on Windows 7 or Windows 10/11, Have Disk simply says couldn’t find drivers.


@burzeus @yaman
Please read >this< post, where I have written some more details about how to force the manual installation of a driver, which natively doesn’t support the related device (due to missing DeviceID entry within the *.INF file).

@Fernando my epik emulation skills do not allow me to install it, even testing with a real one, and I believe a .SYS file edit is required

if any other people want to try to do it then do a manual search HERE


It simply doesn’t work, actually its blank when attempting to force the Have Disk Option with any of the INF files and the nvidia installer shows the error in the picture. I think a .sys modification would probably be needed like @Aquavision says. I believe RTX 20 Series didn’t support Windows 8.x aswell but worked unofficially. RTX 30 Series seems to be a no-go :frowning: .


Since I only have modified text files and never a real driver (= *.SYS file), I cannot help.
By the way - any modification of a Copyright protected driver software (a *.SYS file surely belongs to the "software") may be punished by the driver manufacturer.

I’ve spent more time than I probably should have spent trying to make Win 7 driver work on Win 8.1 for RTX 3090 - no luck. It happened quite some time ago so I don’t remember all the details.

Steps included the following:

  • obtaining latest RTX3000 driver from NVidia and unpacking it
  • manually editing .inf file so that it included new ven and dev IDs in the NT6.2 or NT6.3 section
  • signing the modified driver
  • installing the driver with modified .inf file

NVidia installer recognized the driver and allowed its installation. But the driver won’t start on system boot - it gives Error code 43.
There definitely is a piece of code in the driver that checks actual OS version it is running on, and that piece of code prohibits driver execution on NT kernels 6.2 and 6.3. So unless someone reverse-engineers the binaries, there’s not going to be RTX3000 series on win 8/8.1. And even if they do, there’s always a question of driver signature.

I’ve given up and changed to AMD Radeon 6xxx series - yes, it does not support 8.1 too, but at least it does not prevent unofficial installation by using “Have disk”, and there are no headaches with certificates and self-signing.