[OFFER] ASUS MAXIMUS V FORMULA BIOS 1903 modded for NVMe boot drive and EFI updates

Updated EFI/ROM modules:

Updated microcodes:

NVMe mod to run UEFI NVMe SSDs using module NvmExpressDxe_5.ffs

The "Cutting Edge" of bios modding

Enjoy your new NVMe capable modded bios with MDS/Meltdown/Spectre microcode updates.

As usual make a back up of your current bios and drives!

Use the BIOS FLASHBACK procedure as found on page 2-19 of your manual

NOTE: M5F.rar file has updated network EFI ROM Last edited Dec 15, 2023

M5F.rar (4.1 MB)

Can any one confirm that this works?? Im gone make a new pc with the asus mobo mentioned here so i like to know if this realy works before i install the modded bios, oh and where put the ssd? In the msata/wifi slot or in the pcie slot with adapter

It gives an error “Security Verification Failed” When trying to Flash. So I cannot verify if It is working.

BTW: I bought a PCIE-NVME adapter card which is the best option I think.

Aha ok then i dont install the bios update but il ask some mates of me for the knowledge since they are IT guys, thank you for the answer sir.

Can you use thoose ssd card with the adapter?? And does it realy is fast in startup??


Or you can read your manual and follow the recommended BIOS_UEFI FLASHBACK procedure found here on Win-RAID and in your manual at page 2-19


Lastly, you need to set CSM (Compatibility Support Module) = DISABLED otherwise your BIOS/UEFI won’t ‘see’ the WINDOWS BOOT MANAGER in the boot tab of your BIOS/UEFI. Furthermore, you’ll need to convert ALL your MBR drives to GPT (GUI Partition Table) drives after you’ve backed them up.

Sometimes you just need to do a little further reading and follow the (DESTRUCTIONS) INSTRUCTIONS to the LETTER.


Ok i wait for the new pc in a few years then i have it stock, due tonmy knowledge i dont dare to take the risk if i read what i have to do just to gain e few secs on startup and work, thanks for your advices all

I was joking about the DESTRUCTIONS part

You make bios modding your friend, not a foe to be feared.


I was joking about the DESTRUCTIONS part

You make bios modding your friend, not a foe to be feared.


i know

i sitll dont know if im gone instal the modded BIS or not, what are the pro’s and contra’s for this, i only see pro’s nothing else but im just afraid to mess up the BIOS, still reading the page on my manual to EZ-flash bios

@MaDMAn - Mod BIOS you cannot use EZ Flash, only USB Flashback

I have been using your new modded bios the past 2 months in my Asus Maximus formula V and works like a charm, nothing fails, so thanks a lot!!

@onlygear @MaDMAn

Modded update to network EFI ROM, see first post for updated file M5F.rar Last edit May 24, 2020

Hi there

Thanks for the update, no isuees with this new bios, the fact seems a bit more stable than original Asus 1903, I had some issues with my I7 3770K oc to 4.6 after Mircosot security patch for Melttdown and my OC become unestable, with RPCS3 emulator and I had some Whea log error but with this bios these errors are gone.


Yep, amazing when well written and mature code clears up a whole lot errors and annoyances.

Keep smiling!

security verification failed
Please tell me how to fix it.

@singkanongna - mod BIOS must be flashed using USB Flashback, post #1 tells you what page of your manual to see if you are not sure how that works

Thanks for the modified bios. I was able to flash the bios with the modified version using the USB ROG connect method per instructions.

I’m currently running into an issue when trying to install Windows 10. At the install screen, it could not be installed on the NVME drive.
The message says, “Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer’s hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk’s controller is enabled in the computer’s BIOS menu.”
I have tried to disable the CSM, but after restarting it does not post. I had to use clear CMOS button to post. Please let me know if I’m missing some step.

My PCIE adapter/SSD: Asus Hyper M.2 X16 card V2, Silicon Power A80 2TB Gen 3


What kind of graphics card are you using? All your core drivers need to be .efi driver enabled to boot into the UEFI environment.

Furthermore, any MBR type drives need to be converted to GPT (GUI Partition Table); as MBR formatted drives don’t play nice in the UEFI environment. Also unhook all your other current drives except the NVMe to do the first install. You can rehook up your other GPT drives later.

Additionally, ensure that your version of Windows ISO is the correct one.

NOTE From the FAQs on to burn ISOs via Rufus software:

If you are using a Windows ISO that can be dual booted in UEFI or BIOS mode, you may find that the USB created by Rufus does not preserve the dual UEFI+BIOS boot feature.

Especially, the Windows 8 or later installation ISOs, that support both UEFI and BIOS boot, will be converted to either one or the other mode, depending on the option you selected under Partition scheme and Target type: If you select MBR and BIOS or UEFI-CSM, the USB will be bootable in BIOS-mode only (even on UEFI systems), and if you select GPT then the USB will be bootable in UEFI mode only (and not bootable on a BIOS system at all).

This is done to avoid confusion, as it can be difficult for non-expert users to know whether they actually booted in UEFI or BIOS mode when a USB Flash Drive can be booted in both modes, and installation is meant to be a one-off operation, targeting a very specific machine and boot mode. You probably don’t want to go through a full Windows installation, only to realize that it was installed in BIOS mode when all you really wanted was UEFI mode.

By ensuring that only one or the other can be used for Windows installation, there is no room for error with regards to which mode was used.

I would just like to thank the OP for this mod.
I am using it successfully for some months now with windows 10 UEFI mode.

Only problem I have found is when you set up power button to go to sleep and not shutdown, it works but if you wake from sleep from power button and not mouse keyboard then power buttons stops working.
You have to use the sleep from start menu after that to make power button work for sleep again.

If I wake the system from mouse or keyboard problem does not appear.

I did try to install different versions of intel me drivers (from 11.x that windows installs down to 8.1x) but it does not solve this.
Anyway it’s just a minor problem and someone that uses power button for power off will never see it.

Again thank you for the mod. Hope to see newer ones.

Anyway the link can be reloaded? I’m getting a weird broken rar "f44t5225p87628n12_ucCoLdGS.rar"

I’m super excited to try this out!