[OFFER] ASUS P8Z77-V Series BIOSes modded with latest modules

Hey guys I have been waiting for several months for a bios patch for my P8Z77-v pro and I was pretty sure it would never get released. So I put this together. It includes the red ASUS ROG splash screen, all the latest modules and option roms, and microcode 1F for the Ivy Bridge 3570K this fully activates Spectre and Meltdown hardware coverage. It all works perfectly, however its does incur a performance hit. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Download link Below
Asus P8Z77-V PRO Bios Drive Link

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it’s good for this card ?
I always have an error message during the flash “Error: Secure flash rom verify fail” with Afudos …

@Cedric123456789 - to flash modified BIOS like that you need to follow steps in this guide for Asus
[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

@Lost_N_BIOS > ah yes!, more complex now with Asus UEFI …
he will stay like this …
Thanks for infos …

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I have added the NVMe module to danielstuart14 updated CAP
hacbrew/ASUS_BIOS_REPO: A repository for modded ASUS bios. (github.com)

Download here

Guide and module used:


Why add NVME if his file was named NVME it obviously already contained NVME module?

Not correct link, fix please, need bios with support NVMe



1 . NetworkPro Your file bios will work on Asus z77v pro +( ssd samsung NVME 970 ) if i have Russian version motherboard ?

2 . flash as easy as USB via white plug

3 .I can run the system from it ?

Answer please , thanks
somebody tried already works?

Russian version? You mean language is set to Russian? It is same board I assume.

Have you tried the BIOS from anyone NetworkPro or MORPHEMIC which one is working ?

USB Flashback bios NetworkPro not working green light any usb 2-4 gb fat 32

which of these BIOS works ? i don’t understand , somebody tried already ?

Did you name the file to Asus Recovery name? I assume Z77VP.CAP for this board, but best to check with FD44 app. Also, if using that and flashback method, the file must actually be a capsulated file not a bin or rom renamed to cap (I did not download any files for checking here, speaking in general)

If you want, I can edit BIOS from first post MORPHEMIC BIOS, and put NVME file if it’s not there already (I assume it is). I tried 3-4 links from NetworkPro BIOS and could not download any of them, so if you want me to make you new BIOS from the original posted BIOS I can.

Lost_N_BIOS please make from this BIOS https://www.asus.com/ru/Motherboards/P8Z…/HelpDesk_BIOS/

version 2104 2013/09/16 add module please for ssd NVME .

Yes i rename Z77VP.CAP not working NetworkPro .

OK, so stock BIOS + NVME only? Will do, give me a second and I will edit into this reply

@SERJEY777 - here is mod BIOS, stock from the link you provided + NVME Only (New links added 12/18/2019, to avoid extension confusion as noted in users comments of post following this one)
Also, if anyone wants this exact BIOS + all microcodes update to latest version as of 12/29/2019 see post #122

Have you used your current USB Sticks with flashback before, and are you using same USB Port as before? Make sure it’s FAT32 formatted

stock BIOS + NVME only?

YES please

Lost_N_BIOS file cap.rom?

Sorry about that @SERJEY777 I forgot to remove the .rom when I was done. It’s a capsuled file, rename to Z77VP.CAP

Lost_N_BIOS Thanks - Original BIOS + Nvme = works perfectly USB BIOS Flashback :slight_smile:

Thanks @SERJEY777 - NVME working too then I assume?