[OFFER] ASUS P8Z77-V Series BIOSes modded with latest modules

Oh you got 4…damm, didnt noticed that.
Well by the Rocket specs…(just went to see the specs) its needs x8 lanes so thats exactly what you gonna get from the internal Z77 switch on both PCIeX16_1 & 2, in this case the black slot is not an option here.
The card itself manages the bus as it have BIF support for the allocated NVMe disks.

Great thanks for the info.



Thank you for collaboration. I successfully modded my BIOS using your mod and installed W10 to my NVMe drive.

Hi! The links seem not valid anymore. could you upload them again? Thx

Hi all. I’m trying boot off an nvme drive on an add-in pcie card on an old p8z77 non-pro board.

I think I understand the process, but all of the links above are dead.

Anyone care to upload the p8z77-v (non-pro non-deluxe non-m) 2104 bios mod again?

Or, modify it anew from the latest bios: https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1155/P8Z77-V/P8Z77-V-ASUS-2104.zip?model=P8Z77-V

I’m currently on mac without access to tinkering on a windows machine and frankly, don’t have the skillset to pull it off in a meaningful amount of time.

Anyway, much appreciated if anyone could lend a hand. I’ve got 20TB of footage on an inaccessible storage space partition I hope to save…

P8Z77-V_v2104_NVMeA_UBU.rar (4.1 MB)

EFI Intel RST for SATA -
OROM Intel RST for SATA -
EFI NVMe Driver present
EFI GOP Driver IvyBridge - 3.0.1030
EFI GOP Driver SandyBridge - 2.0.1024
EFI Intel PRO1000 UNDI - 6.6.04
OROM Intel Boot Agent GE - 1.5.62
All cpu mcodes up to date

USB BFB ONLY, not EZ-Flash or OS environment.
It is advisable to have a separate USB disk with the untouched bios file for any recover procedure.

EDIT: Yes, BFB is correct for your assumption…
Every Asus mb bios file has to be renamed for certain operations…like USB BFB, didn’t you ever notice this note on any bios file update, in Asus product support page?..damm this means you never used this or updated any Asus mb…thats bad for anyone engaging in mod world…
It doesn’t need to be renamed when using EZ-Flash or AISuite, but this is NOT to be used in mods for every boards with USB BFB feature.

Da man! Thanks a bunch, @MeatWar .

NooB Q: USB BFB would be the flashback method, right?


The original .cap file from asus is called P8Z77-V-ASUS-2104.CAP and the modded version is Z77VB.CAP

Am I to use the former or latter name?


The latter name is required, if you are going to flash it via USB Flashback.

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Oh, I’ve tinkered plenty and updated a gazillion bioses since the early 90s, but you know, life, kids, using mostly macs nowadays. It’s been a while and the amount of info on here is daunting. Also, honestly don’t remember having to rename asus bios files, but ya know, probably forgot. Thanks so much for your time, help and mod efforts!


Thanks again

I may have been stupid or need a pointer more. I flashed it succesfully and it boots. However, it doesn’t recognise the samsung 980 pro nvme drive on the the asus hyper m.2 x4 mini riser card in any slot.

Is this a pcie4-card-won’t-work-in-pcie3-only-MB situation? From my reading it should be backwards compatible, so hoping I’m just missing a setting or detail.

Also, I’m coming to realise it doesn’t seem likely that I’ll be able to boot into an existing windows ntfs install on this particular nvme?

Well, this was the first step that you should took when arriving to our forum…

This is the main article/guide that led to all successful NVMe mods, which is presented by our beloved forum founder Fernando, encouraging all users to do the mod themselves, read it and it will enrich your knowledge.
If you skip the notes on step 4… you will fail.

[HowTo] Get full NVMe Support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS - Special Topics / NVMe Support for old Systems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

Which disk drive boots? The NVMe SSD?

Which Windows OS are you running?
The SSD should be shown within the “Disks” section of the Device Manager. Otherwise you should check the SSD and its connection via adapter.

Thanks - I have actually read it, but not fully understood it. I am specifically trying to boot off an an existing windows nvme drive in this aging MB. I’ll probably just have to reinstall on a different disk. Thanks again

Doesn’t boot, sorry, but posts. I can’t see the drive in the bios menu. I’ll have to go through the guide more thoroughly. I was hoping to not reinstall windows on the nvme in question, but doesn’t seem that’s an option. Not sure why it doesn’t show, though, but again, as @MeatWar says, read the docs to the letter

Once the OS Setup has built the EFI Boot Partition onto the NVMe, the NVMe SSD will be shown as “Windows Boot Manager” within the BIOS.
By the way - a fresh OS install is the best option for users, who are going to replace a SATA disk drive by an NVMe SSD. Only this way you can get rid from all the former garbage.

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In my case I have an ASUS P8Z77-V LE PLUS, with the BIOS modified to support the Nvme disk through PCIe 3.0.

At the beginning I had a lot of problems with afuwinx64, I tried many versions before I found the one that worked. This is the biggest conflict that many people have

after the modified BIOS is loaded, there are also other factors to consider for a successful windows installation

  1. set the CSM all to EUFI in the bios.

  2. Prepare windows installation with rufus with GPT partition scheme (for modern disks like NVMe)

with this you should be able to see your disk and install windows, if you have not yet been able to modify your bios with the NvmExpressDxe_5.ffs module, I would be happy to do it for you.