[OFFER] ASUS Sabertooth Z87 BIOS 2302 compl. upd.+NVMe support

Based on stock BIOS : Sabertooth Z87 version 2302

Features :
+Added NVME support(via NvmExpressDxe_4)
+Updated old Microcode : CPU306C3 V19 ===> V28
+Updated old drivers :
EFI GOP Driver Haswell - 5.0.1036 ===> EFI GOP Driver HSW-BDW - 5.5.1034
EFI Intel PRO1000 UNDI - 5.4.19 ===> EFI Intel Gigabit UNDI - 0.0.29
OROM Intel Boot Agent GE - 1.5.43 ===> OROM Intel Boot Agent CL - 0.1.16
EFI Realtek UNDI Driver - 2.020 ===> EFI Realtek UNDI Driver - 2.053

What remain unchanged :
EFI Intel RST for SATA -
OROM Intel RST for SATA -
OROM VBIOS Haswell - 2179

How to use :
1.Extract the zip file to get “Z87ST.CAP” file
2.Put “Z87ST.CAP” into root of a FAT32 format USB
3.Use USB BIOS flashback flash it.
###Note : make sure to unplug other HDDs when you try to install any operating system on your NVME SSD.###

BIOS updated : 2020/07/17
Although the previous one works, the pad file above Microcode was missing. Thanks @Lost_N_BIOS for pointing out.
This BIOS has been tested with [I7-4770K + Intel 760p SSD + ASUS HYPER M.2 X4 MINI CARD], works perfect.

Hope this can help other Sabertooth Z87 users

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Z87ST_2302_NvmexpressDXE_4_microcode28_updated_drivers_20200717.zip (5.38 MB)

@evilhawk00 - Thanks for sharing your mod BIOS with others!
Why don’t you simply rename the file to Z87ST.CAP, then zip and attach?
Pad file missing above microcodes in x2 PEI volumes, lucky this did not brick on you, but since it’s tested by you and confirmed OK that means this is not an issue for this BIOS
This happens with certain methods of updating microcode, just means you need to use other method instead.

Thank you @Lost_N_BIOS .

I didn’t notice the pad file was missing. The dual BIOS [holy BIOS flashback writer] took my fear away.
When I pressed save button…at that moment, I was thinking : “Just try it and I’ll know if it will brick or not…I think it can possibly brick…”
Damn it’s not bricked, lol. Nice! I just got a usable BIOS

I got it fixed. Just updated the BIOS attachment.
Thanks for your analysis.

Is it also able to flash via EZ-Flash Tool, directly from the UEFI?

@evilhawk00 - Since it was OK first time around, it’s probably OK on this system to leave that way, some BIOS don’t mind.
But yes, this is something to always check, then work around so it doesn’t happen when you see it, because some BIOS this = instant brick.
Great you sorted it out and re-updated BIOS for others, thanks

@attica1284 - mod BIOS for Asus, when board has USB Flashback you must use that, when it does not you have to mod BIOS on case by case basis and use FPT dump of users BIOS so mod BIOS in those cases can’t be shared between users or you loose your system specific info.
So, use USB Flashback to flash in this mod BIOS, as mentioned at post #1 “how to use”

I asked sonix about the missing pad in old days:
-[Discussion] UBU Tool related Questions, Reports and Suggestions (45)

The answer is that the pad file missing is not a critical problem for 8-9 series motherboards and BIOS Aptio 4.

In my z97 motherboard also i use use a modded bios without the pad.

Excellent post, I have a question, I try to install directly from USB and it doesn’t and in the Asus EZ Update tool it marks an error, hasn’t something like this happened to you?


There should be no problem installing via BIOS Flashback with USB. I’ve tested on my PC with no problem. Here the HWMonitor screenshot running Intel 760P SSD as Drive(C)

z87 hwinfo.png

You can’t use EZupdate to flash it directly because the BIOS file is unsigned. Also, from the screenshot you provided, I’ve seen the file name of your BIOS file is “mod.CAP” but not “Z87ST.CAP”. If you have the wrong filename, the BIOS Flashback won’t work. Also it won’t work if your USB contains some hidden partition(usually created by some bootable-usb creator software)

You should :
1.Check your BIOS filename in USB.
2.Make sure your USB is formatted with FAT32 format.
3.Make sure you plugged your USB into the “Correct BIOS flashback slot”, and press the flashback button when your PC is OFF.

Hi guys, I had a problem and I don’t know how to fix it, I bought a M2 and an adapter for my computer with z87 sabertooth motherboard, I installed the bios mod from this thread but now my computer doesn’t detect my 2 hard drives connected by SATA.

It only detects my SSD…

Could someone please give me a hand?


I just swapped the SATA cables and apparently it is not that the HDD drives are not working but that only one of the SATA cables is working.


U dont see them in Bios? How were they set before the mod? RAID or Standard AHCI/IDE? How many drive total in system? Wot ports were/are connected to?
Normally, this kind of mod has no interference in SATA function on the motherboard

No, I can’t see them in the BIOS, only one of the SATA cables works.

They were placed in Standard AHCI/IDE mode, in total there are 3 disks, 1 SSD and 2 HDD.

I can’t tell you which ports they are connected to, I’m including a picture.

Thank you very much


Images: imgur. com/a/lCVvnZK

Seeing the images seems that u can have bad cables/connections and/or also it happens old hw become isolated in contacts due to age/oxidation. This is a situation that i found a lot in old hw mobos.
The 2 Beige ports from ASmedia SATA6Gbps should be set as AHCI (leave it as IDE if they were like that before the mod)and only compatible with HDD/SATA SSD not Optical drives.
I do recommend setting all SATA disks on the Intel controller (SATA6Gbps 1-6 brown ports) and leaving ASmedia free/disable in bios in not needed.

EDIT: Ok i understand that all was ok before the mode…besides my suggestion usually happens when disks were set in RAID and bios defaults were loaded (Mod or Original flash loads defaults), so for now
presuming no one complained before using the file provided in the attachment in this thread and before the setup was standard AHCI/IDE, this is the only option i can recall. Start testing the ports 1 by 1 with the SSD SATA drive and a good sata cable.

Apart from that… a mere ideia is a bug/incompatibility triggered by the model/brand of the PCIe/NVMe adapter. So a quick test is without booting any OS, remove the PCIe/NVMe adapter, loading bios defaults and see wot shows in bios, port by port.

EDIT: The Beige ports is the ASmedia controller, and if not enable in bios u wont see any disks in Windows only, bios doesnt show the disks even if enable in bios setup (Default), the bios only shows
the Intel Controller attached drives, so its normal the non-visibility in bios.
Get a contact cleaner spray, not too much… if the ports r HW ok, they eventually come up, some new cables would be advised also, good luck.

But what sense does it make that before the mod everything worked fine and now it doesn’t, I mean, I think, out of ignorance, that would rule out that the problem is physical and would point to a problem triggered by the mod.

Don’t you think?

Apparently the Beige sata ports don’t work anymore, so I connected them to the black ones and it works correctly, now it’s time to try to install the M2 disk, I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet.

Thank you very much, I invite you to a coffee for the help, enjoy it to my health as we say in my country :slight_smile: