[OFFER] Gigabyte GA-Z370-Aorus Gaming 7 BIOS mod

no issuses i will upload 5H with new OROM IRST RAID for SATA later today.
5H also has the 84 cpu microcode revision that is on the site it under the 5H microcode update.

but F5 seems to be ok np here.

I flashed your modded F5 and have had no issues with microcode 84 so far. Will report back if I have any, but it’s currently looking good. Thank you as always for your great work!

Intel® Management(ME) (Firmware) on the website

F6 is out…

Will do it tonight when I get home from work.

Update F6 on Website.

Going to flash F6 some time in the coming few days when I get time to test. Will report back with results.

Applied my usual overclock settings while on F6mod and it seems good so far. One thing I noticed is that F6 is much more accepting of custom ram frequencies and timings. On F5, I would have a lot of trouble trying to apply any timings other than my XMP profile. On F5 if the custom ram timings input settings were not accepted, the system would fail to boot so badly that the backup bios reflash would take over and reflash my bios if I didn’t clear cmos fast enough. However on F6 I noticed that I can key in reasonable (albeit slightly faster) timings, and they will boot. On F5 they would not boot whatsoever and I would be forced to clear CMOS every time.

I have been quite busy so did not get much time to test last week. Will continue using it this week and report back with any issues.

update F6 Bios update (OROM IRST RAID for SATA -

Hi MrBeer,

With F6 Bios is there any way to have it without the meltdown / spectre fix? Or, does the modded bios already do that?

I will make one for you.if u want it.

Thank you so much! I’m looking for default boot logo + Spectre and Meltdown microcode removed. :slight_smile:

What tools do you use? Also, do you only have to rollback to older microcode to remove Spectre and Meltdown fix?

don;t think i can do this just tryed it did not work.

update Intel® Management(ME) (Firmware)

Also great video on this board https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4C_vjXQ7Qs

Thank you MrBeer for updates! :slight_smile: In your MegaLink what was the last bios that did not have the the meltdown / spectre fix? F5H maybe?

New Microcode:


EFI GOP Driver SKL-KBL - 9.0.1079

will have it Done later.Tonight

ok up on website also if you download the file (not tested) please do to use that file.

F6 Bios Update #2

Intel® Management(ME) (Firmware) update