[OFFER] Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming UPD + Completely Revised Blue Theme

Gigabyte Z390 M / Z390M Gaming UPD + Blue Theme

I knew immediately upon my first BIOS entry that I couldn’t stand the Gold/Yellow/Orange theme, so it had to go
This new blue them I made is very nice on the eyes, I only wish I was good at creating images so I could remake some of this stuff with better images/designs etc.
Hopefully all Z390 M Gaming board owners enjoy this new BIOS w/ refreshed appearance as much as I do!

This modifcation is built on BIOS F9g, if you want F9h maybe later I will do, but I most likely I will wait until F10x something is release before redoing these.
Sadly, it’s not a simple file swap to redo the theme as updates are release, there is tons of images, 100’s of individual hex edits, across several BIOS modules etc.
I hoped it would be easy to carry over into new BIOS updates as they are released, but I checked and even between F9g and F9h complete redo would be required.
The GUID holding images is same, so that part would be easy, but all text and scroll bar hex edits will need redone one by one
If you need access to Super IO setting that F9h offers, see bug #2 below, using that you can then access this in F9g anytime (it’s enabled by default)

A few minor things have been updated/replaced since these images, nothing major or really even noticeable to the untrained eye
So, these are not 100% final images (only 99.99%), but I don’t want to retake, edit, and re-upload them all again so this is what you get

All images are direct click-able to full-sized view

EZ-Mode Comparison

ADV-Mode Comparison

EZ Mode Logo/Badge Comparison (@ Item #3 below) - I’m not super great in Photoshop, so the original image didn’t look good to me no matter how I re-colorized it
So, now it’s gone and you can choose which of the new “Blue” ones you want to use instead

Full size images of a few more areas for comparison, and to show the newly added-in RGB Fusion @ I/O, it’s all done but I can’t show every single page -

Boot Screen “Mock-Up” I made, can’t get a good image w/ camera
** Full credit due >> to the original creator of this Gigabyte logo Image! I’m not sure who it was, but it’s the best of the few I’ve seen, I did edit it a little bit

Change Log -
1. Boot Logo UPD + Boot Screen Hotkey text UPD
2. Theme Blue/Black revamp w/ all Gold, Yellow, Orange replaced with various shades of blue
3. Replaced Ultra Durable logo badge in BIOS EZ Mode page (4 optional choices)
4. Default RGB color set 058BFD @ Static
5. All CPU microcodes updated to latest as of 2/15/2020
6. Intel ME FW (& PMC) updated to latest as of 2/15/2020 + 300.2.11.1022
7. Intel RST EFI + Legacy both updated to v17.8.0.4507
8. Added BIOS options for LEDs in Sleep, Hibernation, and Soft Off States (originally hidden) @ Settings >> Misc
9. Added back into BIOS RGB Fusion options so you can directly control onboard LED colors (I/O & LED Strip) via the BIOS and not have to install/control via AppCenter (ALL Gigabyte board owners see Below)
9a. ^^ This new RGB menu is located in the Settings >> IO submenu
10. BIOS Name / Build Date changed >> Version in CPU-z/Apps will show F9g-Blue, other areas such as BIOS Sys info or Qflash it will be BLU - Date 2/15/2020

A mod “similar” to this is possible on all models, without a lengthy or difficult edit, by unsuppressing the original hidden entry in setup and using bug #2 below to access (= Only 1-3 bytes need edited) #8 as well, one byte edit
What I’ve done in this BIOS is not the same at all as what I mention above, I’ve directly replaced a menu item, so you can enter RGB submenu without having to use the BIOS bugged entry method + Edit.

Network modules not updated due to this breaks Network BIOS config options no matter how the mod is done
I only tested updating both (UNDI + Boot Agent) at once, maybe only one causes this but for now I decided to leave as stock, most users never use Boot on LAN or Wake on LAN anyway

I was unable to make HPET option visible and function properly for some reason (or maybe I was not testing properly?)
I can make it visible, but no matter what CPU-Z Timers and clocks remained same with BIOS option enabled or disabled.
Probably I just wasn’t testing or looking at it right when I had it visible and was testing? Oh well, I moved on and this is best way for me in general anyway.
So, due to this, instead I will offer an additional set of all four BIOS with HPET HARD disabled for users that need this, in the end as I mentioned, this is easier on my sanity anyway.
* You should set >> BCDEdit.exe /set useplatformclock yes - for lowest QPC/Timer results (This is the default, so if you have not directly disabled this before then you don’t need to do anything)

HPET CPU_z Timer Info - Before/After HPET Hard Disable

Bugs (or intended secret back doors to some settings?) found in original BIOS - These are carried over, and may be in all of the “new revised” Gigabyte BIOS, even AMD models.
This has been confirmed at least on X570 Aorus-Master by @hydropepon & Z390 Aourus Master by @whosalty (Thanks for confirmation fellas )
Anyway, these bugs will allow you to explore and use other additional hidden BIOS settings as well. Example images below each bug item #

#1. If you mouse-click into “Settings” tab, then mouse-click into PC Health Status, then ESC button on KB out, you’re backed out into a more advanced layout of the Original BIOS M.I.T. section as seen in AMIBCP.
This does not work if trying to click in via KB only. Also, after you do this, you can’t ESC back out of many of these submenus via KB it will try to save/exit from BIOS when using ESC until you click back out of that area to another section and reset it.

#2. Same as the above mentioned “thing”, if you mouse click into System Info, then mouse click into “Plug In Devices” submenu, then ESC via KB back, you’re dropped into a more advanced Peripherals page as well, as you can see it in AMIBCP.
There is more settings inside both of these areas that aren’t visible via regular menu sections, but many still are suppressed even in this trick/bug menu layout (unsuppress via setup edit may reveal anything you see missing).

Actual bugs -

#3. If you enter Qflash via END key at boot, instead of using F8 from within the BIOS or the menu option in BIOS, Qflash language will be French (I believe)

#4. On CMOS Reset language will be French

Big #5. BIOS and boot screen/splash resolution as it sits is 1280x1024, but the BIOS will display 1920x1080. This seems to be a common “issue” across all Gigabyte BIOS right now, and they removed the option to set BIOS resolution from all BIOS now as well…
If you disable CSM and run pure UEFI mode, then BIOS and boot screen will display at 1920x1080 (saved BIOS images via F12 are then this size as well). Most modern graphics cards should do this just fine, others may need updated / added UEFI GOP in the vBIOS before you can disable CSM.
If you don’t do this, then saved BIOS images via F12 will be 1280x1024, you can also tell by looking at the “Load Optimized Defaults (F7)” button on the EZ mode page, at 1280x1024 this text does not fit on button/screen
I know later see this depends on if using HDMI or DP too, rez is different between each of these, with or without CSM enabled too. HDMI seems to give best resolution with CSM disabled, DP will give larger than 1280 but it’s not widescreen, I forget, like 1600x1280 or something
And Badge/Logo and small fans are “squished” as well - General Example Image

Some graphics card vBIOS signature will break and can’t run UEFI mode w/ CSM disabled once you modify the vBIOS.
If this applies to you grab the latest magic UEFI GOP image from @lordkag in post #3 at the thread below and apply as mentioned or ask someone to do for you.

Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming BLUE Theme BIOS Downloads - Each Set contains 4x BIOS w/ the 4x EZ Mode Logo/Badge versions.
Decide which you want to use based on the BIOS name & images above, or flash them all and see which you like best in person

Flash these Mod BIOS using Qflash from within the BIOS, with BIOS on USB (FAT32 or NTFS), or via Qflash using END key at startup.
These are built on stock BIOS, DO NOT FPT Flash!

Regular Mod BIOS Set (HPET @ Default/Enabled) -
Mirror - https://www.sendspace.com/file/lbi9wb
Mirror (Temp, 30 days - Added - 10/3/2020) - https://ufile.io/h0bt1s86

Hard Disable HPET BIOS Set -
Mirror - https://www.sendspace.com/file/5dqwd8
Mirror (Temp, 30 days - Added - 10/3/2020) - https://ufile.io/w5asdvq9

If anyone finds anything still Gold/Yellow/Orange let me know so I can fix, thanks!!

@eurodomenii - I can’t remember, did you grab one of these boards too? If yes, tagging you in case you still have it, if not, sorry for the unnecessary tag
@NoNeEdMyRe & @WillG027 - In a search, it seems maybe you two are the only other forum users here that’s mentioned having this board (I think), so tagging you two in case you want to check it out

@Lost_N_BIOS _Bios nice work! I was leaning torwards ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING, but the acquisition is postponed.

@eurodomenii - Thank you!! I thought you picked up some new board, and ended up trading it back for another, but then I wasn’t sure what you ended up with after all that.
So, you don’t have any Z390 now, still waiting to get the Z390-E gaming?

When’s the Master version being released. :slight_smile:

@whosalty - To do the theme for that I’d have to have the board in my possession, this isn’t something I can blind edit.
Images I can blind edit, some may brick on you and would need re-edited, only a few do that. But that’s about it, all text/scrollbars etc I’d have to have the board
The other normal BIOS edits done here, non-theme related, I can do for the Master without having the board, but I assumed you were talking about the theme mostly right?

Yes the full theme but I was mostly kidding. Great job on the theme.

@whosalty - Ohh, I thought you mainly meant the theme, but I thought you were serious too I expected as soon as I posted this someone would ask for “RED” theme instead
Thank you for the appreciation of the work done here, it was huge task! It’s too bad you don’t have this board so you can enjoy the theme!

Thank you, I liked it, everything works.

@GoodWinXX - Awesome, thank you for the feedback!! You’re the first I know to have used this BIOS after all the efforts I put in, besides me of course.
I appreciate the feedback, thanks!!

Nice to see a bios mod will try this once gigabyte clear up all the bugs
that i have logged with them

F9G has a fair few bios bugs

Serial Port Showing After S3 Suspend to Ram (When its disabled in the bios)

Package C State Limit = C10 (To enable Modern Standby)
PCIEX4 NVME SSD Missing in windows
PCIEX1_1 NVME SSD Missing in windows
PCIEX1_2 NVME SSD Missing in windows

PCIE NVME Drives + NVME Drives with a USB Bridge Chip are not bootable when they are set to 4kn
e.g. only 512e works

Serial Port is fixed on F9j at tweaktown
PCIEX4 is fixed on F9j 15-05-20 Build that gigabyte made for me
PCIEX1_1 is fixed on F9j 28-05-20 Build that gigabyte made for me
PCIEX1_2 is fixed on F9j 28-05-20 Build that gigabyte made for me

4kn NVME boot support i have been trying to get gigabyte to fix for about 5 weeks
with not much luck so far

F9k i have no idea as it black screens for me when entering the bios

@Shonk - Thanks, I hope you will try it out
I doubt I will redo this on F9h/j/k or any other F9, maybe F10, but it’s a huge hassle to redo because all the text color edits have to be redone one by one in hex.
No issues here with F9g and NVME, so that must be due to USB Bridge chip, whatever that is?

To fix 4Kn boot, you need to change hidden BIOS setting, shown here (it’s usually in hidden debug folder in AMIBCP)
[SOLVED] Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H cannot boot in AHCI mode if HDD initialized in GPT (5)
But, this BIOS does not have it. So, if you’ll pass that info along as a confirmed fix, maybe they will add it to the BIOS so user can adjust, or at least make the change in the background for us for next BIOS release

Planning on picking up the LGA1200 version of this board to mod for the community next, or possibly another non-mATX, not sure, but it will be Gigabyte
I plan to do Black/Blue again, and some White variant as well, maybe white/blue or white/orange.

I have 5 Nvme drives the onboard m.2 are fine with c10 enabled
but all other ports dont work with c10 enabled

but they have fixed that for me

With regards to 4kn NVME boot support what exactly is the hidden option have you got a screenshot
im not sure what exact post you are talking about

@Shonk - Is C10 enabled by default, sorry I did not check right now? If it is then must be something on your end, I have no issues with NVME in onboard ports or PCIE slots, tested several different NVME on this board and never noticed anything unusual.

On 4Kn, I linked you to the info, post #65. This BIOS does not have the hidden setting, but MANY other BIOS from Gigabyte/Others do, so they can add it back into this BIOS, they totally removed the hidden debug folder (or blanked all contents)
So, I assume the setting is still there, just blanked out, they need to add it back in, or change the applied value in the background and give you new BIOS.
This is the exact setting name, and what they need to set it to >> "Rapid Start Store Search Type" >> Needs to be set to following by default >> "PCIE/AHCI/NVME Controller" (Instead of Intel AHCI/RAID Controller)

No c10 is on auto which is off in this case

Auto = S3
Package C State Limit = C10 = S0 Modern Standby

C:\Windows\system32>powercfg -a
The following sleep states are available on this system:
Standby (S3)

thats Auto…

C:\Windows\system32>powercfg -a
The following sleep states are available on this system:
Standby (S0 Low Power Idle) Network Connected

thats Package C State Limit = C10

Go try if you have an nvme drive in any of the following

the only exception is through some quirk Intel Optane drives get initialized fine (i use one as a scratch drive not in optane mode)
even on the old bad bios but if i swapped it for a standard nvme drive it would fail

any bios after 28/05/2020 this should be fixed on (thats the date of the bios gigabyte sent me)

Fixed C10 Bios Info and build date

@Shonk - OK, as mentioned, I didn’t know what C10 default was, didn’t check, and don’t have issues with NVME - Possibly due to I’ve not used anything that requires C10??
So what needs fixed there, that seems easy, change to Enabled by default, is that all you need? If yes, I can do that on any BIOS for you, let me know.

Also, sorry, I don’t understand what you meant is the issue with this setting by default at it’s incorrect/buggy value, what happens?
Do you mean after default Sleep (S3, since C10 is off by default) the NVME’s are missing in OS after wake up, if yes, does that also apply if OS is on NVME too, so you can’t even resume to disk?

So, F9j works for you, for all things, except the 4Kn drives right? If yes, wait until they fix that with the info you gave them, and send you new BIOS, then if you want I will redo this theme mod to F9x when they give to you.

No its a big bios bug if c10 is enabled
any drive on
wont work at all in windows and doesnt even show
it shows in the bios but doesnt enumerate in windows due to errors on the pcie bus and stalls the windows boot by around 30 seconds

Gigabyte provided me with a fixed bios for it
F9j dated 28/05/20 (Has a Bios ID of GA so is unique to my support request and also makes it a pain to get off the bios…)

F9k also dated 28/05/20 doesnt have the fix

I dont seem to be geting very far with the 4kn fix its like talking to children
but they will fix it in the end mark my words…

So, if windows on disk and C10 enabled, you can’t boot, or = 30 sec stall first?
I can fix the BIOS ID for you if you want? Tell me what you need it to be, and dump BIOS region with FPT
Yes, sorry, I know what you mean about trying to explain things. Just tell them in as short as possible way >> Add this setting, or change this setting/leave hidden, to this value = 4Kn fix

My boot drive is on an m.2 the m.2’s work fine
just any pcie4x or 1x slots dont

but yeah if your os was on say the 4x pcie slot it wouldnt boot if C10 was enabled in the bios

They have said they have sent a request off to ami by the looks of it though unsure as it also says factory

My last but 1 reply
I have already given you enough info to replicate this in Email-ID: 838645-13

but very well i will give you further info

I have 4 drives in this pc that are user configurable to either 512e or 4kn

1 x Corsair MP510 480GB
1 x Toshiba XG3 THNSN5512GPU7 512GB
2 x Sabrent Rocket 1TB (yes the ones you linked in reply to Email-ID: 838645-16)

My Sabrent Rocket 1TB’s have data on them at the moment so these have to stay 512e for now

but my other two drives dont have any data on them (Toshiba XG3 + Corsair MP510)

I have just set them to 4kn and sent an nvme secure erase command to them to set 4kn and clear out the old 512e partitioning

then proceeded to power off the pc
power it back up and partition the drives from windows

See attached images for the following
See Image 1 + 2 for setting 4kn
See Image 3 confirming via powershell with fstuil (b: = Corsair MP510 e: = Toshiba XG3)
See Image 4 for secondary confirmation that Corsair Force MP510 480GB is set to 4kn
See Image 5 for secondary confirmation that Toshiba XG3 THNSN5512GPU7 512GB is set to 4kn
See Image 6 note the missing Force MP510 & THNSN5512GPU7 Toshiba when set to 4kn
See Image 7 when the drives are set back to 512e both drive show back up

With regards to have i tested this in other pc’s, as it goes yes i have

My upstairs pc which is very old and has an Intel DQ77MK Q77 Chipset & a Xeon E3 1290 V2
I wanted to add nvme support to it a few years ago as it doesnt support nvme out of the box due to a lack of efi option rom for nvme
to cut a long story short i inserted the NvmeExpressDxe into the firmware to add support
and it has been booting off of a Toshiba XG3 THNSN5512GPU7 256GB for the past few years in 512e mode

I tested earlier and my hack of a bios for the DQ77MK supports booting to 4kn nvme drives
something gigabyte seem to be having trouble with

So yes this need to be fixed at the bios level

My last reply to them

Question: did you even look at what i provided
there is no data to corrupt as once you set it to 4kn
the bios will refuse to allow you to set that drive as bootable
and it just disapears from the bootorder list
and a windows os will refuse to install on it

as i have said already there needs to be boot support added to the bios for 4kn nvme and nvme via usb bridge chips

please just pass this to the bios dev’s
to be fixed

Last reply from Gigabyte

Our team has sent the question to the original AMI factory for confirmation, it will take some time. We will revert to you once we have an update.


Oh here’s the fixed bios btw if you want them
if you want to flash back you either have to use the backup bios or the flasher i have in the 15-05-20 zip

i will put the fixed 4k nvme bios there also if and when they ever provide me with one

15-05-20 = serial port s3 bug fixed + PCIEX4 c10 fixed
28-05-20 = serial port s3 bug fixed + PCIEX4 c10 fixed + PCIEX1_1 + PCIEX1_2 c10 fixed


@Shonk - Thanks - So, last BIOS above is not fully fixed (c10 fixed + PCIEX1_1 + PCIEX1_2 c10 fixed)?

Did you give them the info I gave you, about that single settings change that fixes this?? >> "Rapid Start Store Search Type" >> Needs to be set to following by default >> "PCIE/AHCI/NVME Controller" (Instead of Intel AHCI/RAID Controller)

Not yet as im waiting to see what they come back with

everything is fixed on the one i linked apart from 4kn boot

i dont use rst btw i use ahci