[OFFER] HP ProDesk 600 G1 DM UEFI v2.33 - NVMe Boot

I’ve screwed around with this so you don’t have to. HP ProDesk 600 G1 DM (Mini Desktop) BIOS v2.33 (current) modified to insert the full-sized NvmeBoot module for Aptio IV UEFIs as prominently linked everywhere here. You should be able to open this in MMTool and extract any of the modules you like to compare them against the ones in the stock UEFI on HP’s website, to be safe. I couldn’t be arsed to screw around with FD override to get at the flash, though there does seem to be an unpopulated set of pads for a header to enable FD override - that bit is up to you. The process by which I obtained and modified this BIOS was as follows:

1) Desolder 25-series SPI flash IC from mainboard
2) Insert into ZIF socket adapter in TL-866II+ programmer
3) Read contents of SPI flash to file
4) Open resulting UEFI in MMTool 4.5
5) Insert NvmeBoot module at end of volume containing CSMCORE
6) Save UEFI to new file
7) Burn resultant file back to SPI flash
8) Resolder 25-series SPI flash IC to mainboard

Was it a brutal approach? Yes. Could it probably have been done by unlocking the flash using the ME FPT and using AFUDOS or similar? Probably. I just happened to have a hot air gun, soldering iron, and flash programmer handier than I did any of the ME tools, so…well, this is what I did instead. Anyways, confirmed working; the ProDesk 600 G1 DM boots just fine from the m.2 NVMe slot with this image flashed.

Edit: Oh neat, it’s > 6MB zipped and I’m not allowed to post links yet. I guess it’s split into two ZIP files now, so enjoy that. You might have to remove the second .zip extension from these things to use it. I have no idea. I’m increasingly regretting bothering to try to share this here.

ProDesk-600-G1-DM-NVMe.zip.001.zip (4.77 MB)

Second part of the zip file. Again, you might have to remove the last .zip extension.

ProDesk-600-G1-DM-NVMe.zip.002.zip (1.52 MB)

This post unintentionally left blank.

Cant open these zip files can you help please?

Remove the trailing ‘.zip’ extension from both files. (This was necessary to get the forum to let me upload the split archive.) You should now have ‘ProDesk-600-G1-DM-NVMe.zip.001’ and ‘ProDesk-600-G1-DM-NVMe.zip.002’. You should be able to extract ‘ProDesk-600-G1-DM-NVMe.zip.001’ using 7Zip (I don’t know if something like WinRAR will work, I haven’t used it in years.) This should successfully extract ‘ProDesk-600-G1-DM-NVMe.bin’.


how I can flash this file as update?

if I install as normal this update he can transfer the file but not verify in the upgrade progress over dos and so he don’t flash this file!



can a people help me to active the nvme support a bootable device …

The HP Prodesk 600 G1 have the Bios version 2.33 , the Bios is not modded …

I dont use windows on tjis device but is not a Problem to install if i need this!

I try before the duet version but he doesnt work and i preffer a Bios Mod …



Taking in consideration latest posts from the user kvanderlaag besides the de-soldering part, i think you can follow the rest of his tips, almost sure you still need to do this with a CH341A SPI programmer.
Usually, other user files have its own motherboard/system specific data of its own.

Hi, Finally after many threads, several test and download many UEFi and Bios mod tools, I got that my HP Prodesk 600 G1 boots from SSD Nvme via Pci Express port. I could find anything that brakes the security to re-write Bios via Windows, Linux or DOS, Via software just I could not.

I´ve followed your thead and worked just with a minimal differences: not de-soldered and your image not worked in my machine , your image bricked my computer so:

1.-I Bought a Spi Programmer Módulo programador USB CH341A XTW100 24 25 Series EEPROM Flash BIOS CH341 + Clip de prueba SOIC8 SOP8 para EEPROM 93CXX / 25CXX / 24CXX|Circuitos integrados| - AliExpress USD 8 with clips to connect directly
2.-Read with the programmer original Bios of the mother board. For to do this I used the 8 pin clip that came with the kit , no de-soldering de Bios, just put de clip in the correct way and that´s it. read the Bios.
3.-I Download the NMVe Driver to inject to de Bios “NvmExpressDxe_Small” module** 3.7 KB file on MEGA
4.-I Download UEFITool.exe Bios Mods -The Best BIOS Update and Modification Source: Downloads in order to open de Bios and Inject the NVMe driver .
5.- Start UEFITool load de Bios goto: Intel Image ->Bios Region->8C8CE578-8A3D-4FIC-9935-896185C32DD3 (first key)
5.1.- Scroll down almost to the end and inserted de NVMe Driver before “Volume free space” line. Driver must be between “free form” and “Free Space” lines . Saved new Bios Hp600Nvme.bin
6.Reprogrammed the new Bios via programmer with the clip connected to de Bios chip .
7.- That´s it.

Hack: For correct use of programmer, BE SURE that clips are well connected, if they are not in the correct position it can not be read even written. Read first and make a backup from your image Bios first and then reprogram it.

if someone find a tool that can write via Windows or Dos new Bios please share it .