[Offer] Maximus V Gene NVMe support

1903 bios with nvme support


Thanks for sharing BIOS @Vievire - something missing in your spoiler? Also, on this forum you can’t put spoiler in code tags, nothing is parsed within coding tags

I Dont know why it did the spoilier ill try and delete it

@Vievire - Maybe hit the button on accident? I could have fixed for you, but left so you’d know what I mean in case you didn’t see it before.

Thanks again for sharing BIOS mod for others to use!

this is what i’m looking for but it doesnt seem to work, or maybe i’m not understanding the instructions on how to make the nvme to pcie bootable. PLEASE HELP!

It worked well.
Great job!!
Thank you very much!!

Hello, I am using the Maximus V Gene NVMe Bios provided by you, but the motherboard prompts an error that the security verification failed. What is the solution?

The bios mod file presented in post#1 is for using Asus BFB feature, not EZ update or OS environment.