[Offer] Modded BIOSes for all ASUS Z68+P67 MBs (NVMe+Microcodes)

Hello, I tried to mod my BIOS but it seems that not even the compressed small version fits, can anyone here help me to get it working?

My motherboard is the P8P67-M non pro version and this is the lastest BIOS:

ht tps:// dlcdnets. asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1155/P8P67-M/P8P67-M-ASUS-3703.zip
Taken directly from ASUS site, splitted link so I can post it.

Thanks in advance.

@SKyRo , is there any chance you could help me?

nvme - added.
ntfs - cut out as unnecessary.

P8P67-M-ASUS-3703 NVMe mod.zip (3.09 MB)

It’s working. Thanks for sharing mod bios and guides here.
If you have only MBR partitions don’t change PCI ROM PRIORITY to EFI. Leave it in legacy mode. In my case I received black screen with efi, so I had to reset bios with jumper. I cloned MBR win10 to fresh MBR partition nvme (i used macrium reflect). I tried to convert source partition to GPT with command provided by rjhwuk but i received error that it’s not possible to shrink partition etc. So I used that command after cloning on destination disk (nvme) and it converted without errors. To get full speed of nvme I had to set x4 for PCI in bios settings. Below my setup and results.

CPU: i7 2600k
Adapter: ICY BOX IB-PCI208-HS
NVMe: Samsung 980 1tb



@Thewero try this

X79Dual.rar (6.32 MB)

I have a P8Z68-V LE motherboard. Despite the pci 2.0 bus, I see that nvme disks work much more efficiently than usual. Can I do this safely with the bios update here? Would you recommend? Thanks.


i used modded bios for my p8z68-v lx from this thread and everything have worked fine. It’s always a risk of bricking mb with mod bios so keep that in mind.

I installed the bios for the normal P8P67 (Rev3.1) motherboard yesterday and it all works so far, except for overclocking my i5 2500k. I can change the CPU core frequency but not the multiplier. The setting for the multiplier is saved in the BIOS but Windows only shows me the maximum frequency of 3300MHz. I previously had my 2500k running at 4600MHz and am actually familiar with the overclocking settings. Are there any additional settings that I need to adjust with the update?

If the previous bios is the same as the mod, we can assume that the changes are due to processor mcode updates/Intel ME FW included in the mod file.
My opinion only.

EDIT: As far as i see (topic only refers NVMe + mcodes), there is no other changes in bios strings/variables beside module updates.
Usually mcodes contain security updates/performance ±, in your case lost of previous max. capable OC settings to lower values, generally to ensure more stability.

Pré-Spectre mcodes tends to be more OC
Sandy Bridge cpu206A7_plat12_ver00000029_2013-06-12_PRD_C9C91DF0.bin
Ivy Bridge cpu306A9_plat12_ver0000001C_2015-02-26_PRD_2F737D45.bin

Yes that is correct, previously I was also on version 3602. Looks like I will have to revert to the old BIOS. What are actually the advantages of the microcodes? And are there any changes to the minimum fan speed in these BIOS updates?

I have the same problem P8Z68-V LE everything is ok but I can’t overclock use the multiplier. What can I do? nwme bios and my old bios same version 4102.

I have stability issues on win10 with nvme. Xmp ram usually give me a crash few minutes after start. Blck on 103 also is not stable. I am running 4.3 turbo and 1333 MHz DDR3 and this config is stable for me.

Hello! I have an Asus p8p67 EVO and I want the bios to be modified, can you help me? THX!

I tried to write with ez flash the other roms from p8p67 PRO and p8p67 and it gave me the error "Image integrity check failed"

P8P67-EVO-ASUS-3602.zip (3.06 MB)

@WhitePaul you could try to dump your bios file using intel fpt by the way, using the suffix -d (filename).bin -bios, get intel fpt here and go to C2 section. after you dump your bios file, you could zip the bios.bin and upload it then post it here. Probably i could help.

I managed to edit the bios for Asus P8P67 EVO rev3.1 and put the NvmExpressDxe_4.ffs module. It works very well with the pcx and M.2 adapter.

mod_nvme p8p67EVO_REV3.1-ASUS-3602.zip (3.07 MB)

Just bricked my MB…CMOS reset not helped and now i just waiting my CH341A

Hey I have a p8z68 deluxe/gen3 and i want to modify bios for nvme booting… can i just flash the bios with ezflash or do i have to do any prep work?

Just tried this with P8P67 Deluxe paired with I7-3770K.
Very quick speeds amazing for NVME drive!

Hello everyone! I have Asus p8z68-v pro gen3, flashed with 3802N bios from this topic. After flashing i cant find in bios how to enable igpu( i dont have discrete card ). Is there any oportunities to enable igpu support? Or i need to flash older bios ?

Hi to all. Can u mod bios for P8P67 WS Revolution for nvme support. I have 512gb m.2 ssd, i will install it to my father pc, xd.Thx a lot.

Ill present you here 2 bios mod files, the first one with NVMe support only.
The second one with updated mcodes for IvyBridge, removed SandyBridge mcode and RST EFI, LAN Boot Agent, Marvell Oprom, also updated.

This motherboard model has NO USB BFB method for recovering, use this files at your OWN RISK ONLY.
ASUS SOP guidance in the PDF file, do NOT REMOVE the USB drive until 2/3rd reboot.

I take NO responsibility for a system/board FAILURE/BRICK.
Report back for future users guidance