[OFFER] P9X79 PRO BIOS Modded for NVMe SSD

What would be real good is to modify the bios for those boards that have the 1.2 TPM module to 2.0 so Windows 11 would play on say the X-79 Deluxe, which is part of the ASUS P9X79 boards, although they all do not have that module. Any directions about where that could be done? Or if it can or cannot be done at all?

Hello all,
I have a modded bios with a 3930k, samsung 970 evo plus and 3070ti fe working perfectly, less in the New World, where I get very low performance and the GPU uses only a 30% of power. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Hello, I uploaded the bios available in the first post and the PATA option appeared. In the bios I have Legacy booted and a different system, but the windows installer (running in legacy mode) signals that the system cannot be installed on this device because the BIOS doesn’t support booting from it. Have I missed a step :)?

/EDIT I will read the guide again and follow all the steps. .

Yes… OS “unknow” windows systems ALWAYS requires UEFI boot system NOT CSM/AUTO (legacy) to installations on NVMe.
If u tried a bit more and take some time readings on the forum… theres plenty of rush users like u with the same will of not learning and do basic errors.

EDIT: How about this and try to read? A thread in main forum page…and u missed… fxxx lazzy people
[HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

As I wrote above, I will follow the thread again - this problem already appeared on page 9 - but I have doubts to say UEFI is required instead of CSM / AUTO because I installed the system in legacy mode on a platform with the x570 chipset - unless this rule applies to this modification on x79.

Thanks very much guys. I used the modded bios from post #293. It works really well. Now I don’t need to buy new computer stuff. My old sata raid 0 SSDs got corrupted. This worked and now my 2011 socket lives on.

btw the hardware I used was samsung 970 evo plus and RIITOP PCIe adapter card with heatsink

Screenshot (1).jpg

Thanks Treehouse. I did mine a few years ago and the board’s still working fine. The information you posted is a good refresher and congrats on your success and kindness.

Hello everyone, I have implemented post 293 and it works fine.

one more question I think i used your bios long time ago and till now i am on 2 PCIe ports with cheap chinese adapter cards with 1 nmve drive on each but i plan to buy 4 port nmve drive and add one more nmve for storage drive as my 2tb drive is in bad condition. and here is a question is your bios support pci sharing bifurcation ? So i can just buy 4 port adapter if not I will need to upload other bios .

No, I just inserted the NVMe EFI module. PCIe bifurcation needs an extra BIOS modification (will not be done by me).

thx for replay Fernando