old intel DX79SR bios dead

Hi all
I’ve got a intel DX79SR board that powers on but does not post.
the led display stays dead.
I’m using the CH341A Reader with clamp but am unable to find the BIOS chip
Attached are pics showing two possible suspects.
in possition 1 is a winbond chip with a number 25Q64FVSIG
and in possotion 2 is a MXIC with the number MX25L4006E
I’m not sure which one to use.
any advice???





It’s this one for main BIOS >> 25Q64FVSIG (aka W25Q64FV), use software version 1.30 and ID W25Q64BV to dump and write (FV dump may be OK, but writes will fail, suggested use BV always for this chip)

Dump MX25L4006E too, so we can check it’s contents, maybe EC FW or something else, partial BIOS region backup, or FD/ME backup etc. I’ve not held P9X79 in a while, so forget what is on all these chips.

May be failed ME FW in the BIOS, or totally corrupted BIOS, or could be something on the board died or shorted. Was this your board, or did you purchase DOA?
Did you test with more than one CPU? What CPU did you test with? Do you know this CPU is functioning right now?

was a working board.
there was a power dip and the psu died…
I replaced the psu but now no post
will double check cpu, but i also suspect the board is toast.
just want to double check the bios.

(edit) if I connect the clamp the software says not connected, but if the clamp is off, is says connected.

thanks for the advice but it looks like the cpu is also blown.