p6t supports x5650 ?



It supports the X5650. Bloomfield, Gainestown/Nehalem-EP, Gulftown, Westmere-EP CPUs (0x106Ax and 0x206Cx CPUID) should work fine, the related Xeons are the following: E55xx, E56xx, L55xx, L56xx, W35xx, W36xx, W55xx, X55xx, X56xx.

Here is your P6T bios mod all ready to go. All the sweat and worry has been done for you by yours truly at the link below

ASUS P6T (vanilla flavor) Meltdown & Spectre CPU updates

- microcode updates for CPUID: Meltdown & Spectre CPU updates


Pretty much flash and play by now


Thanks @hancor - I saw Deathbriner was helping him with this at BIOS-mods, but I was going to tell him eventually that he’d want to update past the 2010 stock microcode, even if it was working OK, due to it’s broken uncore multi bug (rev 13 & 0F)

@josip3211 hancor made you new BIOS ^^

@brickerman also see my comment above for your reference