Pegatron/HP Chicago H67 (IPISB-CH2) Bios CPU unlock

Hi mates!
I have a motherboard inside a case called HP Elite 7300 series.
Well, the fact is that I am too new for this, and I tried several things before to write into this forum. The chipset for this mobo is an H67, which supports IvyBridge i7 3770X. I have one, and I want to put it into this mobo to do some testing.
I have a logic analyzer as well, which helps me find the last SPI read and locate where the error or the code lock could be, but there is too much info to decode.
I tried also to use IDA and found, regarding a post I saw a time ago: [[REQUEST] Gigabyte and Broadwell - #9 by dsanke]
This guy unlocked a cpu in a bios bin. I looked into this file and downloaded the official version from the manufacturer’s site and compared both ones, giving me a clue of what could I do.
After several tries within my bios bin file, finally I decided to request some help as maybe I am doing something wrong, or I am missing something too. The CORE_PEI is the module (as far as I know) where this guy (dsanke) did the trick and “short” some part of the asm code.

Is there any soul here that could tell me where to look at, or directly unlock it for me? I would look after the bin file and compare to check it and learn from this appreciated action.
Let me attach the original bin file and anything you may need, just ask me!
PD: I cannot upload attachments… The file is the same as in the thread

This is not as you think, the motherboards used on this models were:

System board for use in 7300 models: 656599-001 (Chicago H67 IPISB-CH2)
System board for use in 7500 models: 687940-001 (Formosa Z75 IPMMB-FM)

The bios file sp56123.exe (Chicago H67 IPISB-CH2 7.12A) doesnt contain several critical
pre-requistes for 3rd Gen IvyBridge.
-no 3xxx cpu mcodes, no EFI GOP 2xxx/3xxx, only vBios for SandyBridge and has ME…

Contrary to the sp70266 (Formosa Z75 IPMMB-FM 8.21A), with full support.

So if you want to venture yourself on this, a lot have to be done as mod file, if possible…

Also the ROM Family SSID 2AD5 is for the IPMMB-FM Z75 (Formosa)

Thank you for your reply.
I see they have different chipsets, the Z75 I know it is supported by IVB.

I threat this as personal, so maybe I spend all my life (exaggerating) but I have proposed myself to get the 3770 working. I have copied a bios from another motherboard, an Asus P8H61E I think, and it boot up, but with a lot of errors, so that CPU is perfectly compatible with this mobo (otherwise no signal had been shown). Edited: And its ME was 8.1.xxxx

Just one question, I am wondering how you know the locks this mobo has… is it any article or something where I could look at?

Yes we know that H67 motherboards can run 3rd gen… when the OEM allows it…
I didnt searched or pointed any locks… not quite sure what you mean with this…

I mean how did you get that info. I didn’t know it, and I supposed you got it from anywhere.

From several tools that can deal with AMI Aptio bios structure/modules, you can find them on the web or here on the forum.
This is not locks, this is pre-requesites modules that we know from experience, that where later introduced on Intel 6 series for IVB support and not present in earlier released bioses from across all OEMs… but we can see them introduced in Intel 7 series and later 6 series when they were updated.
Your are surprised… it seems your quite new to all this, but this is old stuff.

I have to tell you that several months ago, a bios chip was something plenty of numbers and letters unable to understand by me. This is a project I have taken from almost scratch, and for me, every day is a new adventure and information unknown for me, so I got to learn a lot. I work in IT environments and not everything is new, so I got a base but never went across this before.
The tools I know (gigs and gigs downloaded from anywhere including github, etc) includes MM and BCP, plus some others but I have to explore further.
And yes! I am surprised, because I wanted to start this project with anything old enough to be the easiest possible, even not getting all the info easily.
Edited: I have to understand that all this info (prerequisites) should be modified or are inside PEI_CORE? If so, it would shrink a lot my scope.

No… when mentioned prerequisites, im referring to physical modules on the bios (Oprom, dxe driver/gop, vbios, ME FW, mcodes), not bios code related and their connections/or not to the code itself, and in this matter (Code) i cant point you any advices… definitely not my field and not from a lot of modders, this is deep bios code and programming that is no use to touch unless it has support for it from the HW.
After all as you did see, you cross flashed a bios file from another motherboard model and it wasnt needed to touch nothing in the code…because the bios modules and support was present in that bios.
Good luck then in the project and wish you all the best.

Look at what I meant:

This is how the bios from the guy (the one he modded) looked after the mod.
After checking the bin file for diffs, I found what he did:

And he said that he unlocked some CPUs that were locked by the CORE_PEI module. That is what I meant.
As far as I understood, it is related to some modules, so I could import/change/update/whatever with the involved (once I guess them) and flash the bios to check? This gives me a lot of light, as I supposed I would have to be a nasa engineer or something to go ahead on this. I think, reading you, what would do with this… let’s download the 7500 bios file first… :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!!! and sorry for my english, I am from Barcelona (Spain).
@dsanke any advice (or help) on this? :smiling_face: