Plutomaniac is now Owner and Main Admin of the Forum

Dear Forum members and visitors,

you certainly have already realized by the new Forum name and the customized outfit, that the main Forum responsability for this Forum has changed.

Since the 1st of May 2019 it is our well-approved Team member and Admin plutomaniac, which is my successor as owner and Main Admin of this Forum. The related technical handover took place rather unspectacular and fortunately without any visible break.

This is the time for me to say a big “Thank You!” to my Team colleague plutomaniac

  • a) for his long-term outstanding work as Admin and Supporter of this Forum and
  • b) for having given his agreement to overtake my job here and to make sure, that this Forum survives at its usual place and with all its rather popular content.

I wish him good luck for his new responsability and am very confident, that this forum will stay an important starting point for you in the future, when it comes to the topics “Storage Drivers” and “BIOS Modding”.

Greetings from
Dieter (alias Fernando)

A big thank you to you as well Dieter for creating such an amazing community in the first place. It has gathered people, talent & hard-workers from all over the world.

Everything is now in place, the handover is complete. As a last note to everyone, since change is usually perceived negatively, I say don’t worry. The forum is still the same. Same people, same ideals, same talent. Everyone is welcome to leave feedback and (feasible) suggestions for the look and functionality of the forum at New Win-Raid Look! or here.

Thank you Dieter (aka Fernando) et al. for all your tireless work over the years. I joined up way back on 10.21.2015.

Further my ‘daily driver’ Asus P6T on the venerable X58 chipset is still doing it’s duty with upgraded X5980 Xeon CPU now Meltdown/Spectre proof!

#153 | RE: TRIM in RAID0 possible for Intel chipsets from P965/ICH8R up!

Also still have my Asus Z87-Deluxe happily doing its duty with the Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB NVMe drive I installed now some almost 4 years ago:

#323 | RE: [Discussion] NVMe BIOS Modules and NVMe Support datumWed Nov 25, 2015 7:34 am

Currently doing an X399 Threadripper build with an Asus Zenith Extreme board, so I’m sure I’ll be back for some more bios modding goodness!

Thank you for all your patience and service; and being the BIOS modding “GO TO GUYS”! HURRAH!

@Fernando - how is retirement? :slight_smile:

Big thanks to plutomaniac for wanting to take over so Fernando could step down and enjoy some much needed vacation time!
At least this way we know the forum will be in good and well known hands!

@pepar :

Since my retirement from the Forum hasn’t yet started, I cannot answer this question now.

@Fernando : Thank you for everything. Enjoy your retirement!

@Fernando Thank you for all!

Thank you, both of you.

Is @plutomaniac doing a break? His last post is from 4th October.

@Morku - Yes, Plutomaniac is busy offline in life right now, maybe 1-2 more weeks and then he will be in and out intermittently for a while.

I’m back now for a few days. I will be frequently absent during the following few months though. I’d like to say a big thank you to the rest of the forum team for picking up the slack and to any forum members who actively help during this time.

Nice to see you pop back in for a second, hope they’ve not been working you too hard

Wow I’m waaaay behind the times… had no idea the site was under new ownership. 0_o


Thanks for heads up, now I’ll know where to send my letters of complaint :stuck_out_tongue: