Poor performance in raid 0 array configuration

Hello everyone.
I have asus rampage extreme vi encore motherboard and 2 corsair mp510 m.2 ssd drives
I created a raid 0 array configuration on the motherboard (m.2) through the BIOS and of course I installed the operating system on the new array. No special problems
But, the performance is poor! There is no improvement in performance that reflects a raid 0 array. Performance is like that of a single drive.

I send screenshots

??????? ??? (6)_LI.jpg

??????? ??? (8).png

@capricornx10x :
Which storage driver did you install and which RAID BIOS module did you use?
Did you follow my advices, why I have layed down >here<?

i did it now. and still same poor performance

@capricornx10x : Why don’t you answer my first question?

i use the intel rst to make the raid 0 in the bios


@capricornx10x Answer Fernando question… thats how someone can help u, and keep in mind that PCIe3.0x4 shares bandwidth with M.2.