[Problem] Asrock x570 Pro4 BIOS refuses Windows 7 64-bit. Can modding fix this?

Hi everyone, hope you’ve all had a good Easter!

I’m kind of new here and I’ve seen a lot of the work some users here have done and they’re all very impressive!

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but I originally began a topic on another thread here where I’ve been having problems booting my Windows 7 64-bit on my upgraded Asrock x570 Pro4 and Ryzen 5950x.

I’ve came to a conclusion that the BIOS is what’s refusing the OS.

Long story: [Problem] Win7 x64 Install onto AMD Ryzen 5950X with X570 Pro4 System - #19 by Windows7_Fan

Short story: Updated BIOS to include Ryzen 5000 series compatibility fails to initialise Windows 7 64-bit (old and fresh install).
Swapped to Ryzen 2600 and operates as expected.

Windows 7 32-bit has no issues on either scenario.

Because of this I was really wondering, might anyone know if this is a current practice manufacturers do?

And does any of you intelligent lot know if it’s possible to mod the BIOS to accept any OSs it’s thrown at it?

I would REALLY appreciate it if anyone can help me on this matter, I’m without a working system for over 2 weeks now and well overdue with work, but I’ll be ever so grateful to know if this is a possibility :pray: