[Problem] Bricked ASUS ROG GL502VMK BIOS

The 1.8v adapter won’t be necessary, chip #1, the GigaDevice one, is the one holding the BIOS and it works at 3.3v; and it has to be that one, the other two can’t hold enough data for it.

As for guidance using a programmer sure, there ought to be several guides online in different places, using various programs, but we can tell you what to do when the time comes. In fact, the video that lfb6 posted earlier shows Sorin using one of them to read the contents of a flash chip (at around the 7 min mark), and you can also use the clip because of the package your chip is in (plainly speaking, it has legs).

You’re going to be needing another machine to do the operations of course, but after a full dump is read you could post it here. lfb6 should be able to tell you more, this is still new to me, but the idea would be to at least empty the NVRAM area in the dump before reprogramming the chip.

Okay, i get it. I want to buy the 1.8V adaptor for future applications and risks. I have a really busy schedule i don’t want to wait for another cargo. I have to do some writing, that’s why i want to fix the Bios this week. Waiting for cargo rn. @lfb6 @JRMoore Thanks a lot! And @lfb6 Still trying to understand thunderbolt thing btw :smile:

Yes, I used the black CH341 on a quite a lot of SPIs, never damaging something. And Sorins explanation seems valid.

Yes, that seems to be one way to do it. Problem isn’t the firmware (code-) part, there are settings, too. And for this mainboard the smaller SPI might be EC firmware, too, and the spi for Thunderbird might be another place (or not existing).

There’s a lot of possible configurations here. If you download the schematics for GL502VM it seems all outputs including panel are connected to the dGPU, but logically they might still be routed through iGPU and dp seems to be routed through thunderbolt.

Seems tha the 25Q80DVSIG indeed is Thunderbolt, 3rd chip 25Q80EWNIG seems to be Nvidia firmware, the latter being 1.8V!

You’ll probably find a better explanation other places, but I remember some firmwares where resetting the NVRAM settings didn’t fix the error completely

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I just wait for the programmer, thanks for the explanation. I dont think we need to program 1.8v chip but if we do it. Thats good i already order the adaptor too.

@lfb6 @JRMoore both of my cargos arrived. I have everything we need. What should i do now?

Dump/Read all the chips according the previous notes and tips, install CH341A soft and drivers, probably didnt come none with the package, correctly use the adapters on the 3,3 and 1,8v.
AC adapter off , with CMOS battery on or off, always try readings with both off for starting.

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[GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

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The tricky part here is making a good connection with the clip to the SPIs and an up to date reading software with the referenced Chip IDs on the database identification of the soft.
Readings content should not present FF data on the whole reading.

DO NOT rush yourself, read and learn… you dont need a burned chip or damage motherboard.

Dump just the one bios chip, you need 2 a 100% identical dumps to be sure that you have a good read.

As MeatWar writes, positionong the clamp correctly is the worst part. I think most programs will work, I normally use ASprogrammer 1.4.

@MeatWar Thanks for the tutorials! I watched some youtube vidoes too. @lfb6 @JRMoore I successfully connected clamp and get the dumps. Before i save it, i also verify the data. I got 2 dumps from GigaDevice chip and another two dumps from Winbond 3.3V / Winbond 1.8V chip(I use the adaptor). I am not sure my clamp connection is good or not. But at least you can check the files. As i said i verified before saving it.

  • These files dumped without CMOS battery and AC Adapter.
  • I use modified version of normal CH314 Programmer software - SiberiaProg CH341A v1.45 - If it changes anything i can dump again.

OK, good work!

The verify option for reading isn’t really helpful, how would it know if the dumps really are chip content?

Anyway, you dumped the bios file twice and the files are a 100% identical, probability for an error happening two times the same place is (close to) zero!

Seems the PC crashed while writing to NVRAM, there should be free space between last entry and GUID store but there’s an incomplete entry in the middle of nowhere.

So I simply used your old dump of the modded bios region and replaced the bios region in your dump. There’s another image in the zip where I emptied NVRAM, that should work, too. As written before, machine specific data are in padding between NVRAM and first UEFI volume.

GD25Q46B_r.zip (5.3 MB)

Good luck!

(Btw the other two chips are as expected Nvidia firmware and Thunderbird)

Thanks <3 I am going to try to flash modded one first. Should i erase the chip first than write it or directly click write for it? Also i am gonna get 3rd backup dump from the chip too, before writing it.

Also should we do something for these chips too? Before i try to start the laptop, should i plug CMOS battery?

It’s always “erase (blank check) write verify”

I recommend always to read the chip after programming in a separate read process, save with another name, and compare this file to the original file. Both have to be a 100% identical.

I successfully boot my PC! There is no problem right now. Huge thanks! Anything else should i do?

Thanks for the feedback! Nothing more to do except for being careful with changes in settings!

It might be meaningful to backup the bios region in a state when you have made all changes and are in a stable state. You can use the toolkit you used earlier.

Thank you so much. I already made a backup :smiley: I learnt a lot of things. Actually i was flashed modded bios at the begining because of GPU TDP. My GPU has 75W TDP. I get into Bios again and there is no option to change it. I am not sure but my last question is Could i change the Nvidia GPU TDP from the modded bios? I want it at least 100W. I have a liquid metal thermal paste, my temps are 73C max rn. If we can’t change the TDP by bios how? Modifying the vBios and flashing it?

@lfb6 Sorry, i still think about GPU TDP stuff any hope?

Sorry, not my area of knowledge!

Oh :smiley: Okay. BTW Laptop works without any problem. That’s nice to have people like you in this forum.

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Hello! I have screwed up my bios in the exact same way I think. Can you guys help me? @lfb6 please?

But i have a slightly different motherboard. I have a GL502VM with i7-6700HQ and a GTX1060 6GB I have already read the bios chip according to the discussions above.

Here is a drive link with the bios files: asus bios – Google Drive

What did you do exactly?