problema Driver usb3 in windows 10

Ciao a tutti, aiuto ragazzi non riesco a risolvere un grosso problema riscontrato dopo aver istallato Windows 10, USB 3.0 va lentissima con il mio Ssd sandisk da 500gb, 500mb di velocita’ piu’ o meno, premetto prima su WIndows 7 andava da dio, dopo varie ricerche tutti dicono che sono i driver della scheda madre, ASUS MAXIMUS FORMULA VI CHIPSET Chipset Intel® Z87 Express,su asmedia non me li da per Windows 10, se qualcuno gentilmente mi saprebbe aiutare sono disperato non voglio tornare a Windows 7 64bit, vi allego qualche immagine cpu-z per bios e per periferiche in gestione, grazie mille.

gest disp.jpg


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Since your chipset is from Intel’s 8 series chipsets collection, you need to use the Intel USB3.0/3.1 driver version modded+signed by Fernando from this thread: USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded) (E.B.2). Read the important notes regarding the usage of modded&signed drivers first!
Make sure you import the WIN-RAID certificate included BEFORE installing those modded drivers (details here: [Tips+Discussion] Usage of “mod+signed” Drivers).

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Dato che il vostro chipset proviene dalla collezione di chipset della serie 8 di Intel, dovete usare il driver Intel USB3.0/3.1 versione modded+firmato da Fernando da questo thread: USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded) (E.B.2). Leggete prima le note importanti riguardanti l’uso dei driver modded&firmato!
Assicuratevi di importare il certificato WIN-RAID incluso PRIMA di installare i driver modded (dettagli qui: [Tips+Discussion] Usage of “mod+signed” Drivers).

Hi everyone, help guys I can’t solve a big problem after installing Windows 10, USB 3. 0 goes very slow with my Ssd sandisk 500gb, 500mb of speed more or less, I pressed before on WIndows 7 was going great, after several researches everyone says that they are the drivers of the motherboard, ASUS MAXIMUS FORMULA VI CHIPSET Chipset Intel® Z87 Express,on asmedia does not give them to me for Windows 10, if someone would kindly help me I’m desperate I don’t want to go back to Windows 7 64bit, I enclose some cpu-z images for bios and peripherals under management, thank you very much

I sorry but according Userbenchmark: 500mbs is at it’s normal speed using a Sandisk 500GB:…sandisk%20500gb . But type your Sandisk model in the search and see if it’s slow than others Benchmarks.

Ahh and if you install Windows 10 it will goes slow because of windows files or SSD used size. Like if you test a formatted SSD it will provide full speed, but if you put big files it will slow down over time. See:…liorare-le.html

yes yes now on windows 10 goes 100mb

In that case you need to install SATA drivers, and clean up a bit your SSD space. But check your Task Manager and see if there is a process that is using your SSD , slowing the performance.

my ssd is external with usb3 port.…a/dp/B078SWJ3CF

Enable "driver testing mode" and install windows 7 USB drivers 3.0 on windows 10. See if this works.

ssd test–

–drivers for windows 7 usb 3 do not work, they are not compatible with windows 10

ssd test.jpg

I see. Some Windows 7 drivers works with Windows 10 if you enable Test Signature. With details you provided your SSD speed looks normal, which is 400Mbs as Read and 230Mbs as write, also it looks normal (more than average) according UserBenchmark:…isk-Extreme-SSD . What do you do to get 100Mbps, can you print?

Download UserBenchmark tool, test your hardware, it will open a link at the last test, scroll down at "SSD" and see if it results 100Mbs.

movie copy


Do you copied this Movie from your HDD to your SSD, or is it from your SSD copied to a subfolder?

from western digital 2000gb to ssd sandisk hard drive

Well then there is the problem… You is coping a file from your HDD which speed is 100 to 130Mbs to your SSD which is speed is 3X more fast than HDD. This speed you are seeing it’s from your HDD as source of the file to your SSD. Like if you copy that movie to a subfolder from your SSD itself, you will reach the normal speed. The unique way to change that is buying a new SSD with the same speed, because HDD is limited.

No need to do that if you install Fernando’s modded drivers and import the Certificate before installing it, just like I said in post no. 2

The problem is, I need help doing that procedure. It seems a little complicated.

I understand, I have to follow these points?

driver asmedia.jpg

procedura asmedia.jpg