RE:[Solved] Intel Ironlake vBios update for Medion Akoya E7214 notebook

hello i have ami uefi bios with ironlake grafik i have ironlake 1930.4 rom inside but when i replace and flash 2120 ironlake vbios it flashes but 1930.4 doesnt change what is wrong i use mmtool

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Please give us the link to your mainboard BIOS.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

new (2.5 MB)

new (2.5 MB)

new (2.5 MB)

i cannot attach file stays always blank

You have to compress it by using WinZip or WinRAR.

hello here bios akoya e7214

akoya e7214 (1.23 MB)

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I need the desired Ironlake VGA ROM as well.

thank you

ironlake (37.3 KB)

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I do not advise you to change the OROM VBIOS. First you need a new VBIOS correctly configure and then change it.

hello what have i excact to do

do i have to rnename to intelvgadriver or something else

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What SoniX meant is, that the update of an Intel VGA ROM is not as easy as you may think, because the mainboard manufacturers may have done some specific changes to the modules they got from Intel.

By the way: I just have compared the code of the VGA ROM module you just have attached with the VGA ROM module 10de-a29, which is within your mainboard BIOS. Result: They both are identical.

yes may be same i have already flashed vbios 2120 perhaps new one is not shown in bios at boot can it be overwritten

There are at least 2 different VGA ROM files within the mainboard BIOS you have posted:
1. Intel Mobile VGA ROM "Ironlake" v2120 dated 08/03/2011 (inserted with the wrong Link ID 10de,a29) and
2. NVIDIA VGA ROM v70.15.31.00.F9 dated 02/24/2010 (inserted with the Link ID 10de,caf).

hello may be same with intel microcode update cpu patch is not able to delete but possible to overwrite the newest microcode i have inside but only overwritten maybe vbios can only be overwritten and stays old in bios boot

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If it is a mobile system you are talking about, I do not recommend to modify the BIOS. The risk to get a bricked system is very high.

hello nvidia vbios was already in bios mmtool i didnt add it i have intel grafics with ilm 1930.4 in bios at boot is shown 1930

okay i dont modify thank you bye bye

okay i dont modify thank you thank you for help i flashed in save recovery mode vbios id 8086 ,46 all okay i have now function in bios vbios ironlake 2020 all best i dont burn further fingers

You need to use Intel BMP tool to edit the new stock vBIOS with the settings from your previous (BIOS-found) vBIOS. It’s a rather complicated work though as settings may be renamed/moved/altered from vBIOS to vBIOS according to fixes etc from Intel. You need to go from vBIOS to the next vBIOS until you reach the latest.

hello all okay finallay i could flash ironlake vbios 2120 with id 8086.46 to bios medion akoya e7214