Recommended AHCI/RAID and NVMe Drivers



AFAIK the company “SK hynix” has never published any NVMe driver. So there is no specific driver for the SKhynix NVMe Controller with the DeviceID DEV_174A available.

I am not sure, maybe SKhynik sometimes uses 3rd-party controllers? Not every brand has their own controllers. But on the their webseite they don’t provide much informaion about that SSD, because of OEM product. Google also don’t find any useful information to this model. I think it depends to that rare format 2230.

By the way: DEV_174A is the Hardware-ID from the built-in Controller of the Laptop. This isn’t a SKhynix controller. I don’t know the manufacturer of this controller.

The Company with the VendorID VEN_1C5C is SKhynix.


Of course, but I think this value changes, depending on the manufacturer of installed SSD.

The manufacturer of the SSD doesn’t matter regarding the choice of the best matching NVMe driver. Only important is the manufacturer and the properties of the NVMe Controller.

I have listed “all” HWIDs associated with PCIe SSDs. If I missed something, let me know.

(Yes, I know, AMD RAID drivers, but I’m still thinking about typing those in.)

Maybe you can put it in the opening post.
“How can I check which driver I need.”

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Thank you for your idea to put some additional information about the importance of the Controller’s HardwareIDs into the start post.
Trying to follow your advice I have now added a new chapter named “How to find matching Storage Drivers?”. Is it ok or should I change/add anything?
By the way - your attached list contains only HardwareIDs of some NVMe Controllers, whereas the HardwareIDs of all SATA AHCI and RAID Controllers and of Samsung’s NVMe Controllers are missing.

The “How to find the right “Storage Drivers”?” description is absolutely fine. I didn’t include all the SSD-related driver IDs in the list for a reason, but I can eventually expand it to include the others.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST-VMD) Version Beta

Thanks for the hint and the link.