[Release] Resizable BAR BIOS EFI Module

well i thought of doing that but i got very lucky, instead i found the same exactly mobo as mine that has cpu pins broke, i figured i would buy it and take the bios chip out! and replace it with mine! it would work, right?

how can i DM u ?

Yes it should, as it exactly the same mb model.

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yeah same exact model, then when i get my hands on a ch341a i could try and reprogram the old chip! as in am in a limited budget situation at the moment.

@68k-dude @MeatWar
hey i was able to get back to my computer using the new BIOS CHIP
but i wanted to know what i was doing wrong in the MOD file so ive included it if anyone with experience wanted to help

I do not check RBAR mods, plenty of issues to fail/check if not correctly done.

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Greetings, can someone help me with this topic? It is an old Gigabyte Award bios/uefi with i7-3770(non K) and pcie 3.0 16x slot.

Has anyone succeded? Please, let me know.
Many thanks

What board?

Hello, so I recently got an AMD RX 6650 XT to put in my Dell Precision Tower 3620 with bios ver 2.30.0 and have been told that enabling Resisable Bar, and Above 4G Decoding are very important for better performance in games could anyone possibly help me with this? It would be greatly appreciated.

@Windius Would you be able to help assist me on getting rebar enabled on my Dell Precision 5820? I posted here about it with all the files but this is all over my head: Dell Precision 5820 I also see someone by the name of @zhiwoo who has patched a 5810 so i have hope that it is possible for the 5820. Its at the bottom of the list: List of working motherboards · Issue #11 · xCuri0/ReBarUEFI · GitHub

Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2H-USB3 rev. 1.0

I think it’s not possible due to no UEFI Bios for that board.


I lastly performed an i7 9700K Coffeelake Mod on my MSI z170 Gaming M9.
Now ive bought an MSI RTX 2080 Super X Gaming Trio and wanted to enable Resizable Bar but i have a few questions.

I have my Modded Coffeelake Bios and now i need to inject ReBarUEFI and NvStrapsReBar? Or just NvStrapsReBar because i want to have it on a 2080 Super? My Mainboard obv. dont have the options to enable it in the Bios. So do i need to put both files in my Bios and flash it back to have these Options?

Hello @Geret,

The instructions are here >>> GitHub - terminatorul/NvStrapsReBar: Resizable BAR for Turring GTX 1600 / RTX 2000 GPUs

Here is a very brief outline of the salient points.

  • Add the new NvStrapsReBar.ffs to the BIOS. >>>Adding FFS module · xCuri0/ReBarUEFI Wiki · GitHub

  • Enable “Above 4G Decoding” and disable CSM in the BIOS setup

  • Run NvStrapsReBar.exe as Administrator to enable the new BAR size (8GB for your card)

  • Reboot and check ReBAR is set with something like GPU-Z

If you get stuck, I’m sure a solution can be found.

Good luck,


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I will get the new Card tomorrow then i will try it out. I have an GTX 980 Ti at the moment. Thanks for the help

Dell Precision Tower 3620
So, it looks like the FPT worked correctly

But I’m a little nervous I didn’t setup the bios file correctly and I’m not sure which file I need to use to flash it? Just trying to make sure because I really don’t want to mess something up here, I have attached both of those .rom files. If it’s possible I would love for it to get sanity checked if need be. And also, some guidance on where to go further.
bios patched and unpatched.zip (9.0 MB)

Hi, I found your tag from the github repo, and wanted to reach out. I have an A770 as well that I just got working on my Precision 7820 with Xeon 6140 by disabling virtualization, and updating BIOS. It is still having some bottlenecks, and I want to patch the ReBar support into it.

What modifications do I need to make to the current BIOS? And will I need an external EEPROM flasher since it wont take a modified bios to flash? Also want to confirm if virtualization is a definite no-go with this card or I can somehow make it work. Thanks so much

I’m more active on discord

Add me on there I should be able to help

Hello I need HP Z440 4G and Rebar modded BIOS
Here is link from HP site: https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/hp-z440-workstation/6978828

Thanks in advance.

Got the Card and flashed the new Bios then enabled Above 4G Decoding and disable CSM.

Then in NvStrapsReBar.exe i pressed D and S and rebooted the Target size is 8gub bzt the Current size remains on 256 Mib. My Mainboard dont support the ReBar normally. Do i need to check some other options in the NvStrapsReBar.exe? In GPU-Z it also says Resizable Bar Disabled.