Remove UEFI Password from Surface Pro 6 by flashing UEFI without opening the device?

Sorry to hijack an old thread but what is the method for UEFI password removal on a sp4. I set up the uefi password but the screen ending up playing up and I didn’t use it for ages and forgot the password.

I have full admin access so i could try anything in windows if there is an unlock software method for the sp4 using the intel tools, if not i guess i will have to open the device but im unclear on how you go about removing it once open.

Thanks in advance. Note i do also have proof of purchase etc

Hello guys,

I have bought a Microsoft Laptop 2 Model 1769 and its UEFI locked, i cant change any settings without password, i am not even able to boot from usb. Any suggestions please ?

Many Thanks,

I just wanted to tell you that although 2.5 years later your information is still extremely appreciated and I can’t explain how much this email thread showed me the “light” with an area of hacking that I hadn’t experienced as of yet.

Just understand you are awesome and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

I have a pro x i cant remember the password