Replace the manufacturer's disk controller driver with Microsoft's generic one

I have a laptop computer running Windows 10 Home 21H2 that in Device Manager > “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller” uses an official Intel driver dating back to 2011, named iaStor.sys.

If I want to replace this driver with the much newer Microsoft one, would it be enough to edit the driver date field present inside the .inf file of the same Microsoft driver to make it appear more recent than the Intel one and then remove the same Intel driver from Device Manager ?

Please see this post for further details on why the date trick may be the solution.

Don’t modify the *.inf file of any driver. It will automaticly loose its digital signature.
You can install the generic MS AHCI driver named storahci.sys very easy at any time by replacing the Intel SATA AHCI Controller by the “Standard SATA AHCI Controller”.
Right-click onto the Intel Controller, choose the options “Update driver” > “Browse my computer…” > “Let me pick…”. Then the “Standard SATA AHCI Controller” will be shown as compatible device.
Choose it. After the reboot your SATA devices will be managed by the Win10 in-box MS AHCI driver.

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I forgot that the integrity of the driver .inf files are protected by digitally signed .cat files …

I will try what you suggested as soon as I can.