[Request] Above 4G decoding for Intel DX79SR for RX6900XT

Hi There, I would like some help getting above 4G decoding working on my vintage intel DX79SR motherboard. With my i7-3970X running 4.75GHz it’s still more than adequate to keep up with any game I am aware of. I am using the most current (650) bios version. I have tried opening the file read from the chip with the various tools but I am lost.

I’m an EE so I am capable of reading and writing the BIOS chip directly if necessary.

Why intel board? It overclocked significantly better than ASROCK 79 extreme 11 that I tried.

The user IntelModder maybe the best one for helping on Intel boards…they are not easy to mod/flash.


I don’t have this hardware anymore so I can’t experiment for you. I can only point you in the right direction.

The Intel DX79 series (SI, TO, SR) bios can be modified but it takes a bit of work to get there. To start with see this comment: Dumped Bios DX79SR - Question regarding Ivy Bridge - #16 by IntelModder

You need to replace the section that shows as “Unknown 00h section” in UEFITool with a tools-readable version from the latest 650 .bio.

Then the IFR data you want to look at is in 056E7324-A718-465B-9A84-228F06642B4F PlatformDxe. Extract the body of this section in UEFITool and run it through IFRExtractor.