[Request] Acer Veriton N4640G coffeelake bios mod

I have an Acer Veriton N4640G 65w mini pc and I tried using the coffee lake automatic tool to mod the bios and flash it with a ch341a programmer.

Coffeemod does show the proper microcodes, but when trying to boot with an i3 8100t, it does not do anything and becomes unresponsive.

When changing it back to the i3 6100t it came with, it does boot up like normal without any issues (also with the modded bios).

Chipset: Intel H110 LGA1151
Bios version R01-B1

Anyone that knows if it is even possible for this bios to work with the i3 8100t?

Hi @Jasperkiller1, unfortunately I have nothing substantive to add to your request, other than to confirm I was also unable to make this work. I have since gotten rid of my N4640G.

please upload your spi dump.

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@dsanke The last bios I flashed on it was this one:

your original dump, before modification.

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Ofcourse, here you go :smiley:

R01-B1.zip (7.2 MB)
I have modified BIOS last year(first time i mod this machine was 2020, and in 2023 i made this bios mod again). it have some modification for myself.
not based on your dump. seems your dump is the same as official one.

dram spd write → true
launch csm → never
ac resume → off
gfx low power mode → disabled
render standby → disabled

and unhide menus.

this bios will support all lga1151 cpu, except xeons.
and when using with cfl u0/p0/r0 stepping, please do pin mod.
if want use xeon or bga1440 cpu, please set offset 0x102 from 0x90 to 0x91, then these cpu will work, and Intel ME will be partially shutdown. so Intel ME related stuff will not work at that situation. such as HDCP, Intel PTT(fTPM), Intel TXT, Intel SGX, resume from sleep under hackintosh using igpu, etc.
sorry for my capacity, it can not support bga1440 10th gen cpu(cpuid a0652). but 6th-9th gen work.

perhaps my machine have a hardware issue so that all my 3 audio jack dont work.

the acer C650/N4640G with LGA1151/Skylake/ALC233, have R01-xx original bios, should compatible with this bios, whatever 65w/90w/135w.


Sorry I was inactive, was gone for a couple of days, that was the original bios I flashed on it
indeed. (lost my backup due to corruption and bought the bios file off some guy on ebay)

Here is a dump I just made

But looking at your bios file you sent it looks like that should work, looking at it with coffeemod it should work with 8th gen cpus as well
Just to be sure you also had the 65w variant right? Read that there is a lot of confusion about different systems with the same name.

Thank you very much for helping me so :smiley:

I’m honestly so pleasantly surprised!
That is one hell of a bios mod, all those options.

I3 8100t is working in there, had to turn on csm in the “old” options for it to boot my m2.
Couldnt find the option in the “admin” options, but it’s working perfectly!!

Thank you so much for the help!


Thanks a lot for @dsanke works. I successfully flash the modded bios into my N4640G using Intel ME. It’s a bit tricky to disable ME by shorting pin 1-3 of ME_DISABLE pins (next to clear cmos pins) during boot up process.
I also included the bios region here which extracted from the dsanke’s works. Hopefully someone will continue his works by supporting bga1440 10th gen cpu (cpuid a0652).
modded_bios.zip (3.8 MB)