[Request] Asrock X79 Extr.6 BIOS with PCIe Bifurcation


I have repurposed my workstation hardware into a server for VMs and homelab testing - I have a few features that are not immediately present that I suspect from research may be available. Is anyone able to assist with the following;

-PCIe port Bifurcation – To allow splitting gen3 16x slots into x4/x4/x4/x4 or x8/x4/x4 or x8/x8 with a riser card
–Thinking of adding Thunderbolt or a GPU for vGPU experimentation (if this board can do it…)

-SR-IOV – Can this be enabled on the motherboard BIOS? I have read VT-d is a pre-requisite and some have managed to enable this on other x79 boards…

Lastly, a heads up for folks who use this board in the future-
-Mellanox ConnectX-3 SFP+ PCIe Gen3 card (CX311A on 2.42.5000 fw) - This card is 100% not picked up by the BIOS but works in other machines. System browser does not see it at all.

System hardware;
Asrock x79 Extreme6 - P3.10 bios (latest)
Ivy Bridge - Xeon 2667 v2 (3.3ghz @ 4ghz OC)
96gb Samsung DDR3 1600 ECC

Expansion slots starting from CPU downward;
(PCIe)-Mellanox CX311A SFP+ 10gbE card (latest firmware 2.42.5000 - Flexboot ROM disabled) (NOT DETECTED by board) - This will likely be swapped for an Intel XL710 quad SFP+ card since we cannot get it to pickup.
(PCIe)-WiFi card
(PCI)-Nvidia TNT2 for basic video out
(PCIe)-PERC H730 raid card
-8x 4tb HDD 7200rpm NAS - RAID6 - Bulk storage
(PCIe)-Areca ARC-1210 RAID6 card
-4x 3tb HDD 5900rpm NAS - RAID6 - Archive
(System Board)
-4x 1tb EVO 850 SSD in RAID0 live data, differential backups run daily

Any assistance greatly appreciated. Ideally I would like to bifurcate the 16 in to two x8 slots and run a bigger GPU in the x8 slot on the bottom but if I can split any of them I would be happy.

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X79 Extreme6(3.10)ROM.zip (4.82 MB)

Start reading:

[GUIDE] Adding Bifurcation Support to ASUS X79 UEFI BIOS

[Guide] - How to Bifurcate a PCI-E slot

For SR-IOV… u wont have such luck… and u use to many pcie slots/lanes, my opinion only:


Here you go, try is it working or not.

X79E6_3.10mod.rar (4.79 MB)

Thanks for getting back to me! Lot of pressing life events happening here so I have been too busy to try this but I will give it a shot soon and report back. I need to get my hands on a PCIe ribbon and a 8x8 bifurcation card to test. Shame they’re not on Amazon.

-I ended up swapping out the Mellanox ConnectX-3 card for a Intel X710-T4 which works flawlessly
–*BSD drivers are terrible for the Intel X710 series cards so pfSense/OPNsense (both FreeBSD) are no-go you need to break out to Linux for Sophos UTW or XG or go with Windows… *BSD was dropping 40-60% packets with 2000ms latency, definitely a bug there.
-The Areca raid card will be getting pulled soon due to a data recovery request for some data off of the old array. Good thing I didn’t wipe it and left things labeled…
–In exchange for the RAID card I now have my hands on a LSI QSFP HBA for use with a Netapp DS4246