[REQUEST] Asus FX504GM Bios Unlock Hidden Options

@mohsen1essa - Once we are done, I will be able to mod BIOS for anyone with this model, but seems AFU will not properly write in the mod files we need done here. So programmer or FPT method required.
It’s probably possible, and far more ideal with FPT instead, but to do that you have to either have a programmer first so you can program in an unlocked FD, or do a pinmod (See “E1”) and unlock FD and then you could use FPT instead and not have to have a programmer.
Do you have a flash programmer already? If not, and you want to do pinmod method, let me know and I will tell you what to do right after you pinmod, because you need to do somethings in windows without rebooting again or you’d have to do pinmod all over again.
Pinmod can be dangerous, you can short out your audio chip or worse, so only attempt if you feel confident (I’d tape off all other pins with electric tape or kapton/polyimide, or cover them with silicon etc)

@Tubs - thank you for the kind words of support, means a lot to me

@Lost_N_BIOS The stuff has arrived! This is everything I received: https://i.imgur.com/Z3C6tIF.jpg Are we going to be able to move on now? :slight_smile:

@Lost_N_BIOS @Tubs unfortunately i am not an expert in bios modding i mean the most ive done was changing microcode for my lga775 so it can support xeons.
i really hope u guys can pull this off cuz i know for fact that great number of people have bought this machine and are pissed because of how it performs.
ps 700mv can at least acheive 1518mhz why is yours at just 1296?

@mohsen1essa Think the way I ended up with 1296Mhz was testing at what minimum Mhz would WoW Classic run mostly at 144fps. :smiley: Max clock at 700mv was 1506 for me, running +600 on the memory too. Can’t wait to hear from our Messiah here to go forward with the bios unlocking.

@Lost_N_BIOS are we still working on this? Haven’t heard from you in a while :slight_smile: Christmas holidays starting on the 14th, can retire this laptop from school stuff for awhile for flashing :J

@Tubs - Sorry for the delayed reply! What is your BIOS Chip ID? Please look at the BIOS chip with your eyes, flashlight and magnifying glass may be needed.

Also, I just noticed at end of page one, you are showing me some flash tests with /GAN usage, but you are showing windows AFU.
AFU that allows /GAN, and that you used before, had to be DOS or /GAN is ignored, and your mod BIOS would not have been flashed (from your post one comments)
None of this matters now though, you have programmer so I can unlock it all and you flash back, then will be able to use FPT once that is done once (hopefully!)

@mohsen1essa - I’m sure we can do, you just need flash programmer or do pinmod -
And what I noticed above about AFU failure, may means it’s also possible to flash mod BIOS with AFU too (using the risky DOS /GAN method)

@Lost_N_BIOS Only chip I can find that could be a bios chip is AH1816 25B127DSIG E88525, chips gets alot smaller after that one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That is GigaDevice GD25B127D, I discussed here but he never replied back (probably fixed it and took off but who knows?) - https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-R…55643#pid155643
I suggest you dump BIOS chip with version 1.18, 1.34 and then ASProgrammer 1.40, all using ID GD25Q128. Then send to me so I can compare them all before we do anything.

Sry, cause im noob at this, but bios 201 in theory isnt capped maybe can help you https://mega.nz/#!Mx0BxCgA!U2jCoqYfpIK9o…yxDkhM9uEq4j-E4

@alex61194 - Encapsulated BIOS, or not, doesn’t have anything do with this, but I’m not sure what you linked something from Mega.nz for instead of Asus (What’s in the download, and why?)

bios version 201 i got it from here: https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/Gamin…X504GMAS201.zip
in this post said is an incapped tdp version, maybe it can help https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/934…omment=13018435

@alex61194 - OK, yes, thanks, that BIOS rollback method will work for anyone that wants to use that BIOS for the reason stated in the thread you linked at Linustechtips site.

something new?

Hello guys
I have the same problem with power limit issue when in gaming load (combined load cpu + gpu)
My gpu clock bounce around 1300 to 1600mhz

So is there a good news yet in this thread for modded bios fx504gm?

*Sorry for my english

so, this bios is a dead end?

@alex61194 - Still waiting on @Tubs to dump BIOS, unless you have a programmer? If you do, send me your dump

i flashed that bios and had advanced options i changed optimus to disable and the laptop dont boot pls help

@Lost_N_BIOS Hi, I’m also using FX504GM with bios 308. I’d ordered CH341A programmer to use Mobile Pascal TDP Tweaker, and I found this thread! My programmer will arrive within a week. If I dump a BIOS and upload it, is it possible to unlock hidden features? Since I’m not good at these, I’m a little bit worried about bricking my M/B. As soon as my programmer arrives, I’ll upload dump of it. Sorry for my bad English…

@alex61194 Was there TDP(or power management-related) features? And I heard that Non-optimus technology need specific chip or s/w. If you have programmer, try overwriting original dump with it.

@alex61194 and what BIOS did you flashed? without programmer?

Bios 201 and yes tdp options are avalible but that bios bricked myI bios i had to call support for repair

@alex61194 did you flashed bios in BIOS Ez Flash menu? And was system fine before you change some optimus settings?

@Lost_N_BIOS My progammer arrived and I made a dump of my BIOS! Here’s the link
==wrong link==

@Lost_N_BIOS In the programmer’s program, two options were available for dump fine, .ROM and .BIN. So I made both of them.

Sorry! it was wrong file! I should selected 25MB option in programmer… I’ll make another dump sorry

@Lost_N_BIOS here’s right one.