[request] asus gx703hs bios unlock

Hi my friends.

I tried to mod my bios but nothing change.

Recently, I found method
([GUIDE] Usage of AMI’s AptioV UEFI Editor + FPT Flash Method - #10 by rofikkernel)

I loved this method it looks like AMIBCP (although alternative)

But this is not problem.

My problem is modgrubshell.

I found my varoffset of BIOS LOCK, ME FW RE-FLASH, CFG LOCK, FPRR.

so i changed it via modgrubshell 2.06.

setup_var_cv CpuSetup 0xE1 0x1 0x0
setup_var_cv PchSetup 0x683 0x1 0x0
setup_var_cv PchSetup 0x1C 0x1 0x0
setup_var_cv MeSetup 0x3 0x1 0x0

here is my chated.

But I found it was not changed. When I try to flash my mod bios.bin

Error 167 occured. …

can you help poor me?

I found my bios 311 origin file.

can i change that into rom or bin file?

No, it doesnt matter but ASUS bios files are not complete and ready for any other use besides Asus EZ-Flash utility or utilities in Windows environment., thats the one you provided.
Your system bios contains at least 2 parts, the bios region and the Intel ME FW image.
I suspect you advanced further more and the machine is now broken, did you performed any full backups of the system bios before any mods?
If Not (Common new user mistake)… then nothing it can be done without a donor full file (no personal motherboard/data on it) or buy one.
The bios chip(s) needs to be programmed again with an external device.

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thanks for your service!

HELLO GUYS. I m trying to unlock my laptop for 3month.

I want to know about find cfg lock and MSR Lock(to avoid fpt error 167)

But i cannot find about msr lock. (in uefitool and setup ifr)

Can you help find that cfg and msr lock varies?

Theres no universal method for ALL HW and NEVER assume any hardware/system board model can be unlocked, nothing more to add.

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